new bright land rover remote control car @ John lewis was £19.99 now £9.99

new bright land rover remote control car @ John lewis was £19.99 now £9.99

Found 23rd Sep 2014
land rover remote control car @john lewis halfprice was £19.99 now £9.99

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Seems to be rubbish ! (reviews)
my general rule is that remote control cars @ £20 won't be that good, a remote control car that is reduced down to £10 will be rubbish.

no experience of this one but I suspect if you know a 7 - 10 year old they would love it.
Not sure what scale this is, probably 1:24, but it seems a good price.

Just hope it's better than the New Bright R/C's they do in Tesco / Asda near Christmas, which look good, but are basically rubbish.They had underpowered motors for their size, so barely manage to travel on tarmac, let alone 'off road'.
Nikko's are good for cheap ones.

Seems to be rubbish ! (reviews)

Much like the original, then - I hope the toy isn't as unreliable!
I pressed heat by accident! Lol

I guess you deserve it!
Got it for my 4 year old - disappointing. It's been reliable enough but it's slow. Looks rugged and is large but is woefully underpowered and can hardly make it over the smallest of obstacles.

Turning circle is huge so even in our large indoor space it struggles to turn and end up doing three point turns over and over to do the simplest thing. Cheap price and ok for little kids (mine weren't disappointed but I was) but if you want something speedier look elsewhere. Had I known I would have bought something else.
I had one of those (from Argos £8)
Absolute rubbish, does not have power to drive / is slow and steering is very limited.
Worst rc car ever....
Does it come with a 5year guarantee
my daughter loves hers she's 5 not best in world the car that is but I got mine from tesco In January for 7.50 better than the one I got her for christmas at 4 the price
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