'New' Budweiser 66 Bottled Beer - £2.50 Instore Tesco
'New' Budweiser 66 Bottled Beer - £2.50 Instore Tesco

'New' Budweiser 66 Bottled Beer - £2.50 Instore Tesco

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'Budweiser 66' bottled beer

Only £2.50 for 4 bottles at my local Tesco Express

Big introductory offer signs, so I presume its a new product, and will be available nationwide?

Not bad if you like it, or just fancy a change ( I have no idea how it tastes, although I will later)


Seen this in my local 4% instead of the usual 5% alcohol.

I glimpsed at it in my local Tesco in Norwich and it mentioned something about it being sweeter. Is this some kind of lager/alcopop hybrid InBev has created to take over the world (or just an attempt to tap into the market of people who fancy a shandy but are too embarrassed to order one)?

Worth a punt, thanks for spotting it.

Original Poster

I have no idea what it tastes like, but will be giving it a go at that price!

Anybody know what the '66' means?

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s decision to launch a 4% ABV premium Budweiser variant is a positive move that taps into the trend for lower-strength beers, according to industry specialists.

Bud 66: Route to younger drinkers
The brewer is hoping Budweiser Brew No. 66, a “lightly carbonated lager brewed with a touch of sweetness”, will appeal to younger drinkers and exploit recent sales gains for the master brand. AB-InBev has already launched premium variants for Becks Vier and Stella, which also have an ABV of 4%.

Jamie Lister, director of drinks marketing consultancy Drink Works, says the launch is a “positive proactive” move in line with the shift away from higher strength premium drinks. He adds that it will also help protect the beer category from the popularity of cider among younger drinkers.

Tastes better than ordinary Bud,bottles are only 300ml though.

It does not taste like shandy but it is a bit lighter and sweeter than lager. I quite like it and I don't particularly enjoy lager.

Anyone notice how Bud Lite has just disappeared in the UK....

....and how Budweiser 66 tastes like Bud Lite?

Because it IS Bud Lite!

Long live Bud Lite!
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