New Bully Game on PS2 (Canis Canem Edit) £19.99 or Less Delivered
New Bully Game on PS2 (Canis Canem Edit) £19.99 or Less Delivered

New Bully Game on PS2 (Canis Canem Edit) £19.99 or Less Delivered

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This new Bully Game is apparently quite controversial - but this seems cheap

£22.99 - less the £3 voucher and dont forget 9% quidco

Sep 2006

In 'Canis Canem Edit' (or Dog Eat Dog in Latin) you'll play as troublesome teenager Jimmy Hopkins, who has been expelled from every school in his area. He's made to attend the ultra-strict BULLWORTH ACADEMY, a reform school in New England, while his mother goes off on her 5th honey-moon. It's not long until Jimmy's involved with bullies, girls and power-hungry teachers all determined to give him a hard time, and learns the true nature of a Dog Eat Dog world.

Made by Rockstar, the people behind the legendary 'Grand Theft Auto' series, 'Canis Canem Edit' is one of the finest PS2 titles of its kind. The game world is huge, with the schoolgrounds accounting for just a quarter of the gameplay area. Featuring 50 missions, and 25 other optional ones, the game is violent, graphically brilliant and outrageously funny

made by rockstar (gta)


Can't honestly say I've been trawling the net for a good price on this yet but that strikes me as probably being one of the best.

Really wish there weren't quite so many desirable titles appearing, I'm struggling to keep up with all the titles I want to buy. Extremely difficult when you have so many platforms at your disposal

Edit: Would probably resist buying it at launch but I'm still a little worried that this might run into trouble and disappear off the shelves for a short while after launch even though they changed the title.

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i only saw it on the news as much as its bad publicity to me it looked pretty good doesnt matter how bad the news is , its great advertising

Nice find.....With the £3 discount it seems to be about the best price out there.
Like MBeech says I don't think it will be on the shelves long from past experience on titles like Manhunt, So if you want it pre order now

Actually just took a wander over to IGN and noticed they've just reviewed it. Got a pretty good score and it would appear that the only real controversy surrounds the marketing
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