New Burger King Loyalty Card: buy 6 burgers and the 7th is free

New Burger King Loyalty Card: buy 6 burgers and the 7th is free

Found 29th Feb 2012
Not sure if this has already been posted but I did search and couldn't find anything.

If you buy six King of the Day burgers (which is already a great deal as you can get the likes of Whoppers and Chicken Royals for £1.99 each) or meals you qualify for seventh burger free.

Seems a lot better than Subway's loyalty card where you have to buy something ridiculous like 25 sub of the days just to get one for free.

Don't forget your wildcard so you can swap the King of the Day days around.

Link takes you to wildcard voucher page.
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Awaits the boring unhealthy / fat slob comments....
not bad there goes the diet,thanks
you get a hot drink for 100points at subway at the minute, 100 points is £10 spent at subway or £3.33 for first month as its triple points

How much are they? when i had bogof vouchers i still thought they were dear
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just found this

A different burger at £1.99 & Meal£3.99 from Mon-Sun.

Discounted Burger / Meal on active day:

Monday - Big King
Tuesday - Chicken Royale
Wednesday - Whopper
Thursday - Double Rodeo
Friday - Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Saturday - 6 King Nuggets
Sunday - Double Cheeseburger
i could maybe eat 6 but to be quite honest the 7th would just sit there going cold.
so you get another loyalty card? think ppl will need bigger purses/wallets with all these loyalty cards coming from retailers
King good deal X)

Saturday - 6 King Nuggets

I'm glad they do them in sixes otherwise asking for "4 King Nuggets" might get me thrown out the shop!

is a better link to click, you dont need to register
The interesting thing about this loyalty card is that it never expires. The small print says "expires 31st April 2012"....which of course will never be reached.
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