New Captain Scarlet Complete series 1 and 2 £17.95 (RRP £48) @ Zavvi

New Captain Scarlet Complete series 1 and 2 £17.95 (RRP £48) @ Zavvi

Found 22nd Feb 2010
Excellent revamp of the original Gerry Anderson series:

8 DVD Box Set

Captain Scarlet is the indestructible hero of Spectrum at war with the Mysterons. Even though they managed to kill him with a self-made weapon the Mysterons rebuilt Scarlet as an invincible human replica to infiltrate Earth and lead their war against our planet. But Captain Scarlet's human psyche survived took control of his human body and now this indestructible hero leads the fight against the evil force! Captain Scarlet and the elite security force return to thwart some more evil wrong doer's in this complete box set of Series 1 & 2 of the new CGI version of Captain Scarlet!

Most places have one or the other series for this price, but this is both series together so looks like a very good deal.


£17.89 at Sendit

This a really underrated TV show which was unfortunately hampered by ITV treating it like a kids programme.
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