New Cider from Carlsberg 'Somersby' 4.5%abv 500ml bottle £1 @ Tesco

New Cider from Carlsberg 'Somersby' 4.5%abv 500ml bottle £1 @ Tesco

Found 15th Aug 2012
Just noticed this when looking for Cider deals & the makers claim that the cider is more pure with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or sulphates. The Cider is made in Herefordshire & has been 'reformulated' to specifically cater for the UK Cider tastes. Yes I know it's only 500ml as opposed to the 568ml of Bulmers & Magners but it's surely worth a try at that price!
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got to be worth a shot at that price, bulmers is at least £1.50, now if only we can get some sunshine....
Will give it a try - would be rude not to. Looks like they also make a pear, blackberry and "lite" version
Hmm, I will also give it a try.. if they claim it is more natural, it's worth a shot.
Thanks OP
No sulphites is an interesting development, so is no artificial flavours. I expect it will flop though if people don't get the chemical kick like they do from the Koppaberg style drinks.
Interesting that its made in the same county as bulmers.........
Couldn't find any in Tesco near me
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