new code for TAKEN scotland cinemas only
new code for TAKEN scotland cinemas only

new code for TAKEN scotland cinemas only

Dear Film Club member,

There are still a few tickets left for Taken, so don't miss out on this free screening.

I hope you enjoyed The Duchess and are looking forward to our new offering only three weeks later! We have exclusive tickets to Taken starring Liam Neeson, which is on general release on Friday 26th September but you get to see it before everyone else on Monday 22nd September. To get your tickets, simply pick your venue and follow the instructions below to apply.

Screenings will be on Monday 22nd September in the following cinemas:

6:30pm - Odeon - Dundee
6:30pm - Odeon - Edinburgh
6:30pm - Odeon - Glasgow Braehead
6:30pm - Picturehouse - Aberdeen

To get tickets, and for full details of times and locations, simply go to seefilmfirst.com and enter the stv code: 608571. Please also note that 6:30pm is the start time of the film and latecomers may be turned away, so be prompt.


Great thanks, managed to get two for Braehead for a change :-)

Brilliant got 3 for Dundee....x

Thank you.

2 for Glasgow! Thanks

thanks heat and rep added manged to get them for Dundee

Managed to get them!

woohoo,got some tickets for dundee for a change.:thumbsup:
now would anybody like to accompany me:p lol.
thanks op heat and rep left.

fantastic, THX a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

None left for Glasgow!! Boo Hoo!!

None left for Dundee :-(

Cheers though!

Sugar xxx

dundee seems popular! Wish i'd seen this earlier...anybody with dundee tickets that don't need let me know:-D
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