new deals available on iPhone 4 - 12 month contracts @ Tesco
new deals available on iPhone 4 - 12 month contracts @ Tesco

new deals available on iPhone 4 - 12 month contracts @ Tesco

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iPhone 4 back at £35 a month £235 for phone

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Think there'll be a North wind for this

Think the OP should mention that it's only a 12 month contract?

12x35=420+235=655 over the year, which is a lot for any phone, but about one of the best deals at the minute from what I can see?

Don't think I'm looking at the wrong thing and I know there are 24 month deals available that work out cheaper year on year?
Haven't looked around at anyone else so don't know if this is good or bad as far as iphone 4's go.

Just my two pence worth like

There actually is a good deal there if you highlight it a bit better!

iPhone 4 16gb, 3000mins , 5000msgs and 1gb data = £45 for 12 months and free phone!

Total cost = £540 - £55 quidco = £485

Looks good to me

hang on....looks like a mistake in the pricing table. Think it should say 24months and in that case not a good deal at all!

This is a hot deal. I got my 32gb iPhone 4 on launch day at £35 for 12 months with £299 handset cost. Works out at a good price for the phone and a good contract.

WARNING.....WHEN YOU GO through the buying system, it changes the free iphone, 45 quid a month 12 month deal to 24 month contract !!

anyway, ip5 gonna launch soon I think

I can't even find the option to check-out with the above deals, so maybe tesco has taken it down?

hi folks, have been on the Tesco tariff with a 32GB iphone 4 since October 2010, their network is crap.
It might be piggy backed off O2 network but you seem to have low priority for calls or internet.
My wife is on Tesco as well and signal on her phone is never as good as another phone sitting beside it that we have on the proper O2 network.
Good luck when you try to contact customer service, it's not customer care more like customer's who cares.

Would rather buy the phone outright and then use a Giffgaff sim for 12 months.

Saying that paying this price for a 12 month contract for an iPhone is good, but when the newest model is probably only a few months away...

Ripoff Tesco , as usual

this is a the best 12 months deal
however note the £55 quidco tesco cash back is not payable on iPhones (see T&Cs)

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