NEW Dell Dimension 9200 with core 2 duo CPU 250Gig h/d 19"TFT £629 delivered or less

NEW Dell Dimension 9200 with core 2 duo CPU 250Gig h/d 19"TFT £629 delivered or less

Found 31st Aug 2006
Looks to me like this weeks bargain! Latest spec cpu included in this new range of Dell desktops.

307-D09925a - £629 delivered or less
Intel® Core® 2 Duo® E6300 Processor (1.86GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition (Does not include Operating System Re-installation CD)
512MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x256] Memory
250GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst cache
16X DVD+/-RW Drive
256MB ATI Radeon® X1300 Pro PCI Express graphics card
Dell 19" Value Flat Panel (E196FP)
Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio Software
Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Optical Mouse - Black
Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
Microsoft® Works 8 - English

Reduce the warranty to minimum and buy via Quidco for further savings.


Definitely a bargain! Great spec and low price. More scope for upgrades later on too

Thanks Mike!

Great spec processor, completely crap graphics card which you would be best to remove immediately and throw away, so expect to spend another £100+ on a 7600GT card if you want to play any kind of games on this.

Anyone know how practical it is to add an extra 250GB hard drive at a later date to get he equivalent of
"250GB SecureData Backup Solution (2x250GB) [add £188.00 or £5/month1]"

£188 seems excessive for an extra 250GB disc, which I could get from ebuyer for under £60.


Yes electron Dell charge silly prices for extras...does the motherboard fitted to this PC have a raid facility???..if so you could run a second drive in raid .
I also would not be happy with just 512 mb of ram...but again the Dell prices for an upgrade are dual channel mode you'd be better off with 2x 512 or better still 2 x 1024 which my son has on his Dell.

Are their any dell discount codes for pcs/laptops? Their use to be a link for parner company employees for 7% off but that no longer works

Does Dell still use a weird thing about their PSU + Motherboard + Case?

Would I be able to transfer that CPU and motherboard into my non-Dell case and connect it to my PSU without blowing it?

Original Poster

I am lead to believe that the psu's are now standard though I have yet to try and replace one with other than a dell one.

With regards to raid motherboards yes the 9200 does have raid, but if you order with just one hard drive and later want to fit another and raid them you will prob need a temp floppy drive fitted for install of the raid drivers.

Here is the chipset spec:

Intel P965 Express Chipset/ICH8DH
The P965 chipset supports PCI Express graphics, SATA II hard drives, 1066 MHz front side bus, DDR2 667MHz Dual Channel SDRAM, and integrated RAID 0 and RAID 1.

If you use SATA drives on a motherboard that supports software RAID then as far as I know you have to have the RAID drivers installed regardless of how many hard disks you are using and so the drivers should already be there and it'll hopefully be easy to turn the disks into an array through the RAID bios.

The drivers are on the disk image you can download from the dell site in the form of an oem windows xp installation boot disk that I don't think has any of the data needed for the windows installation on it but will run the recovery console etc. and possibly install windows from the hidden partition the same way that rubbish manufacturers used to do to save money . That's how it is on my 9100, incedentally bought as a result of finding an awesome deal on here

It could be a bit more complicated if there are hidden partitions etc. that you need to reinstall windows that need to be deleted to set up your array. Btw, the RAID 0 isn't true RAID 0, it's an intel thing called a matrix RAID, basically the hidden partition with all the drivers and stuff on is RAID 1 whilst the normal partition of the drive is RAID 0.
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