New Dominion Tank Police £3.99

New Dominion Tank Police £3.99

Found 20th Oct 2009
Last anime I post tonight, I promise.

Follow-up to the original series in which the slightly psychotic officers of the Tank Police employ their heavy weaponry at every opportunity! Newport City, 2010. An overcrowded, urban sprawl choking from pollution of unregulated technology. In a desperate attempt to stop the swelling tide of rampant crime and urban terrorism plaguing the city, the government forms a special task force - The Tank Police. The Tank Police are assigned to restore order, but their ruthless methods in combating crime only create more destruction and chaos. Squad Leader Leona Ozaki, together with her radically modified tank Bonaparte, battles alongside her fellow officers to bring down the insidious Dai Nippon Gaiken Corporation that threatens to overwhelm the city with a new virtual drug. But with high explosive artillery at her disposal, can Newport City handle the destruction and chaos caused by her own defenders?
Japan's Manga legend Masamune Shirow personally oversaw the production of this exciting series to ensure that the programmes remained faithful to his original Manga. Shirow delivers a darkly comic vision of a future overrun with fast and furious mecha, cybernetically enhanced humans and rogue androids.

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