New Dyson Cinetic DC54 Cylinder Vacuum with 5 year warranty £149.99 @ eBay Dyson Outlet

New Dyson Cinetic DC54 Cylinder Vacuum with 5 year warranty £149.99 @ eBay Dyson Outlet

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Found 13th Aug 2017
Brand new with 5 years warranty.

Filters don't need washing nor cleaning.

42% off original price and more than 60% off when first released.

Fast postage in 2 days.

Loads of other vacuums on sale too.
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This deal sucks
I love it how Gtech are giving Doyson a run for their money. Dyson may be good but prices a way too inflated . Good deal though
Yes Dyson prices way too expensive when you can buy stuff like Bissel lift off pet care vacuums for less with better suction more powerful motor good tools on board. G tec brilliant cordless vac.
How does this compare with the latest dyson models?
I think Shark beats Dyson hands down - once folk have swapped, they never want to go back to Dyson - just waiting for the right Shark deal :-) Not sure how they compare to GTech though
You can't beat the 5yr warranty from Dyson and customer service is top notch
How does this perform on old carpets?
Bought the same from Robert Dyas for £49
Please DO NOT buy this horrendous hoover, it's utterly rubbish. It doesn't pick up fluff and leaves your carpets flat. You have to swap heads from the hard floor to the one that picks up hair, despite it saying it adjusts (the Dyson engineer I had out told me this). The tool that scoops all the dust out is flimsy and snaps, plus Dyson have discontinued them so you can't get another. Ive contacted Dyson and they can send out as many engineers as they like...machine is simply awful!!!
Deep cleaned my carpets with a Vax literally yesterday and the fluff balls everywhere just show how useless this is!
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Ordered mine. Seems decent. Basically I hope it breaks just before the 5 year gt.
I have this. Bought it for over £200 a couple of years ago. I love it
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