New Dyson DC15 Allergy Only £249.99 - 10% Voucher - Quidco= £213 or less

New Dyson DC15 Allergy Only £249.99 - 10% Voucher - Quidco= £213 or less

Found 20th Sep 2006
This is a great bargain at £249.99 - 10% Voucher - Quidco at £213 or less

Description: The Dyson DC 15 Allergy upright vacuum cleaner is a dirt predator. Clean your carpets till they are pristine with its brush bar, which grooms the pile and beats the carpet, disturbing and lifting trapped dirt. There's also a pet hair too (turbo brush) so you can gobble up all those hairs and fibres.

Features: HEPA filters to remove dust particles, mitesand pollen | # 1400 watt motor (the higher the wattage/voltage, the morepowerful the motor) | # Hose length 3.1m | # Cord length 7.7m | # No bags required

The Dyson DC14 Allergy is £199.99 - 10 % - Quidco = £179 or less. Save on Delivery by collection at you local woolies = FREE DELIVERY otherwise add £4.95 for P&P. Enjoy!


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Another image as it incorporates a ball within the upright giving greater manouevaribility

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10% discount has only ONE lifetime / account

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PS..These are supposed to come with 5 yr manufacturer's guarantee, however, it seems it is 2 yrs with the other 3 to be bought or redeemed on registerng the product. Will check with Woolies/Dyson! Post back later..2moro..

cheers, just ordered one!

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5 year guarantee 5 year guarantee with fast home service by Dyson engineers.

[SIZE=1]The Dyson 5 year guarantee applies to Dyson upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners purchased after 27th July 2006. [/SIZE]

This is what I found on the Dyson website and for further details on all other Dysons:


just had a phone call from them asking where i got the voucher code from, i said they sent it to me but they didnt believe me said they couldnt honour the 10% off so ive cancelled the order!

ah well, will have to keep looking...
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