new easyjet rules which may help....?

new easyjet rules which may help....?

LocalFound 12th Oct 2006
hi guys read this a few weeks ago in the easyjet magazine. easyjet used to have a strict policy - if your late we wont wait! and you would need to pay the full fare for the next flight. Now they have this -

Missed your flight? Its horrible to miss your flight - thats why you can hop onto the next available fligt for a flat charge of £35 if you turn up to the airport within 2 hours of your orginal flights departures time.

and also this (note this may be useful if you say want to book the morning flight on a day but its so much more expensive so you simply book the afternoon or evening flight and turn up to the airport and if there is a seat get on it and the cheaper price you paid for the later flight! (let me know if anyone does this without any problems - no where does it state you have to pay the difference in fair and anyway on the day the fares would probably be the same by that time.

Got to the airport too early? Also no problem you can catch the eralier flight FREE OF CHARGE - provided we've got a seat avaialble. And even better if your outbound flight was from London you can now fly home to any of our London airports (Gatwick.Luton or Standstead) how convient is that if your travelling by public transport.

hi i done this with my daughter on 28 dec with no problems we booked a 1600 flight but got on 1040 , we went straight to check in but were sent to sales then back to check in but lesson learned. a good tip is if you do this is try to book flights on the earlier one you want and then you know if its worth turning up for earlier flight, but not a problem when we tried it.
- sallymewha

forgot to mention it was for availability purposes only we tried to book earlier flight.
- sallymewha
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has anyone tried gettin on a earlier flight?
The same message now appears on the title page of their website, with a subsequent link to the carriers regulations.

The 35 pound fee is included in one of the tables under article 6 which states at the beginning:

6 Flight transfers

Passengers can transfer reservations for an administration fee per passenger per one-way flight (see tables below), plus any difference in the total cost of the flight applicable at the time the change is made. If the available fare is lower on the new flight, no refund will be made.

This may mean they will try to charge you the difference in the flight price...:-(
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