New Fanta Beach 2ltr bottle @ Morrisons - £1.00

New Fanta Beach 2ltr bottle @ Morrisons - £1.00

Found 19th May 2011
Saw this today in Morrisons, never had it before so don't know what it tastes like.

Fanta is launching a new seasonal variant this May, reaching out to consumers enjoying the hotter summer weather looking for an impulse soft drink.

New Fanta Beach Strawberry & Kiwi flavour contains natural flavourings and is the first Fanta Beach variant to be launched in Great Britain (GB), with further variants planned for 2012.

It is available in 330ml cans, 500ml bottles, 2ltr bottles and 330ml can multipacks.
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Same price in sainsburys, tastes ok
I *need* to try this - but don't live near a Morrisons or Sainsburys! Boo hoo! Hope my local shop have cans
Also on sale in Asda.
i read "New Fanta Bleach..." oO

thought it was a brave new branch-out, but no, it's just more fizzy cr@ppy pop

Fanta Bleach would've got a hot vote from me...
Fanta sell a copy of the Maltese drink Kinney in Malta which is made from bitter oranges and is delicious, so, lets hope this is the plan for 2012 because that will certainly be a big hit here i'm sure.
Kiwi strawberry is a great flavour of snapple so hopefully it will taste similar to that
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