New Free Game - The original Microsoft Solitaire Collection
New Free Game - The original Microsoft Solitaire Collection

New Free Game - The original Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The World's #1 Solitaire game is now on iPhone and iPad!

For over 25 years, Microsoft Solitaire Collection remains one of the most played games of all time and is now available FREE for your iPhone or iPad!

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers FIVE of the best Solitaire card games in one app!

Timeless & Classic Solitaire. Clear all the cards from the table using one or three-card draw. Also try out Traditional or Vegas scoring!

Eight columns of cards await you. Clear them all with fewest moves possible.
Play single suit or challenge yourself with four suits!

Be strategic and use the four extra cells to move cards around and try to clear all cards from the table.
FreeCell rewards players who think several moves ahead.

Select cards in a sequence, earn combo points, and clear as many boards as you can before you run out of deals!

Combine two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the board. Challenge yourself to reach the top of the Pyramid and clear as many boards as you can!

Play new guaranteed solvable challenges in all 5 game modes with 4 levels of difficulty every day! By completing Daily Challenges, you will earn badges and rewards!

Sign in with your Microsoft account to earn Xbox Live achievements and compete with your friends and family. Continue playing on any Windows 10, iPhone or iPad device because your progress and game data will be saved in the cloud!


thank you op just checked and it's also available for android

If you've got Windows 10, you might like to watch this... youtube.com/wat…6XU

I'm against the idea of M$ installing stuff on my PC, without me knowing about it! I'm not a Linux Leet either, I actually use Win10!

Nice find op

FREE PREMIUM for one month! then ads

Cheers OP. I enjoy the pc version so good to get it on the phone, especially if the graphics are similar standard.

Thanks to delphinid too, for the link to the Android version.
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