New Free iPhone App - Alex Jones Show
New Free iPhone App -  Alex Jones Show

New Free iPhone App - Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones exposes Corrupt Goverments, Corrupt Corporations, climate fraud and all general crimes against freedom.
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An interesting guy -maverick right-wing conservative who has some outlandish views. He thinks 911 was an inside job by Washington, the UN has an army of black helicopters amassed to take over the US, and physical money is going to be abolished in favour of microchips to extend government control.

Hi feeble ,you obviously havent bothered to research 9/11,if you havent seen "LOOSE CHANGE" i seriously suggest you watch it,you may start to become more open minded,"TERROR STORM" is also very interesting ,theres stuff on there thats interesting and some of which is confirmed as true after years of cover up,by the way alex jones is the same guy whos been investigating BILDERBERG for years and everyone denied it even existed,now all of a sudden its public knowledge that it does exist,its been in the news and also there was an article by a guy in the GUARDIN that went and investingated one of there meetings in greece,by the way dont forget that the idea of aNEW WORLD ORDER has always been laughed at,now thats becoming a reality,gordon brown and other leaders have been on the t.v repeatedly talking about a need for a new world order-FACT

i love this guy! h&r for you, even if i dont have an iphone.

right or wrong this guy represent democracy at its boundary, and hes doing a damn good job of it
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