New Hue Bridge discount program

New Hue Bridge discount program

Found 9th Nov 2015
If you already own the Hue lighting system then you can get a third off the new Hue Bridge that gives you access to all the HomeKit, Siri controlled lighting etc.

They don't make it very clear but you need to find your product ID... this from the US site - can't find the same info on the european site but it does work...

Bridge discount program
As a service to our existing users, you can obtain the new Hue Bridge at a 33% discount via our online shop – free shipping. This program runs from 1st November until 31st December, or while supplies lasts. Please note there is limited availability, so we cannot promise that supplies will be available during the entire period. The one time discount is linked to your unique ID from your current bridge.
In order to obtain the discount:

1. Sign in or create an account on MyHue (
2. Go to “Settings" --> "My bridge" --> "More bridge details", to obtain your "Product ID”
3. Click the BUY NOW button below to visit the online store
4. At Check Out, enter your Product ID as the Coupon code to obtain the discount

once you have the code from old bridge you will be given a third off (20 euros). I couldn't find a way of paying in £'s

its free delivery

since its expensive lightbulbs and apple focused i'm expecting a freezzzee on this but thought those of us who use and like the Hue system may like to know about the offer
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Wats the advantage of these if u Dont have an iPhone?
Will be waiting for the HUE+ to drop in price currently £50ish with P&P from scan and overclockers but still voted hot.
Looks like a Nest protect unit - thought you had found one for £28!
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Wats the advantage of these if u Dont have an iPhone?

​ hello, from what I've read there's no advantage apart from home kit integration, meaning nothing for Android users
Would be great if they didn't go out of stock before they emailed the people who have been on the waiting list for weeks! Very frustrating. Can't even buy and wait when out of stock either!!!

Wats the advantage of these if u Dont have an iPhone?



​pointless then I'd rather put the £28 to another bulb
Will they have more stock?
Nice, it's worth keeping an eye on
I reckon it's worth it, should be able to flog the old one for around 20 quid...
the European model is still in stock...reckon its worth a go?
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