Posted 29 December 2022

50% off 4 Piece, Boneless Meal 3rd - 8th / 50% off Zinger Tower Meal 9th - 15th / 50% off 6 piece bucket 16th to 22nd + More via app @ KFC

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Update 1
16/01 - 50% off 6 piece bargain bucket now live for 1 week (6 pieces of chicken & 4 fries)
So the new deals start soon

You can only take advantage of these deals once per week. You also get offered an add-on (not clear if you get 50% off that)

3rd Jan - 8th
50% off 4 piece, boneless meal
Add on dipped bites
9th - 15th
50% off Zinger Tower meal
Add on 2 hot wings
16th - 22nd
50% off bargain bucket
Add on Large popcorn
23rd - 29th
50% off Fillet Burger
Add on medium popcorn
30th - 5th Feb
50% off Regular popcorn
Add on dipped bites

Other App deals but not with 50% off!

10 PC family feast £14.99
Fillet tower box meal £6.99
2 mini fillet burgers £2.99
2 fillet burgers and fries £5.99

Twister of the day continues for £1.98

The free 6 PC is still continuing for new customers for home delivery. You need to spend over £10 on with KFC delivery. Not Uber or Just eat.

Please remember that blue light holders will need to install the new KFC app to continue to get 10% off. Does not work with deals (usually)
KFC More details at KFC
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    Whilst I appreciate the effort I'm voting cold because this is not a deal yet. It's not a deal until the 3rd and now that it's posted early there is no way in hell I'll remember it when it becomes active.

    I don't normally say anything or vote either way on deals posted early but it's happening more & more and imo it's more unhelpful than helpful. Sorry
    Probably better off looking at your own inability to remember something in 4 days time than voting deals cold on that basis but hey, you do you
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    Cheers didn’t know the App could store your discounts this is handy (you click on More then Discounts and there are sections for student, staff and BLC). Just noticed the expiry a bit off but good for me !
    49187175-nasMu.jpg (edited)
    Just tried to add my BLC (already had my student one active) you can only have one at a time 🫤
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    just in time for those under the illusion of eating healthy at the start of the year. No doubt other main fast food chains will follow suit. Miss those McDonalds £1.99 burger/fries or a salad coupons in the Metro newspaper come the 1st working week of Jaunary
    Just buy 1 fries and you use the receipt to get a voucher emailed to you. £1.99 over and over if you keep completing the one minute survey.
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    49214830-E7yKY.jpgI guess today is a boneless day
    Maybe a win from the app?
  5. Avatar
    Current prices before any discount


    4 Mini Fillets, an Original Dip, a choice of regular side & a drink. Nothing beats the Original.


    Zinger Tower Burger topped with hash brown, cheese & tangy salsa. Plus a choice of regular side & a drink. The meal with a kick.


    14 PC - £25.99
    14 pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken with a mix n' match of 2 large sides. Serious bang for your buck.

    10 PC - £21.99
    10 pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken with a mix n' match of 2 large sides. Serious bang for your buck.

    6 PC - 16.99
    6 pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken with a mix n' match of 2 large sides. Serious bang for your buck.


    Original Recipe Fillet Burger made with chicken breast. With a choice of regular side & a drink. You can’t go wrong.


    Regular portion of our Popcorn chicken pieces. Get poppin’

    Popcorn Chicken - Large £5.99 Regular £4.99 No sign of medium on the there main website
    2 hot wings 1.99
    dipped bites of sweet chili or Kansas bbq - £2.99 each (edited)
    Not checked all your prices but the first one is £7.49 in the local store to me.
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    Gets me why KFC won't substitute ordinary fillet burger for zinger fillet burger, staff give me a look like I'm from another planet surely they should go with what customer requests, makes business sense (edited)
    It’s more to do with how the stock count is done, once a product is cooked it’s put onto the system, so if someone replaced a zinger with a fillet the system would be incorrect. They do have a customania section. Probably won’t work on offers tho.
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    so TLDR what are the best value deals?

    I dont go to kfc regularly as its expensive vs mc donalds getting my big mac and fries £1.99 lol
    2 Chips and 2 fillet burgers for 5.99

    Twister Wrap of the Day 1.98 (3.99 as a meal)

    Aside from that all the deals KFC do are pretty meh
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    How much is the zinger tower with 50% off
  9. Avatar
    Is mobile ordering down for anyone else ? Mines been down for ages
  10. Avatar
    Hmm does this mean that the old £5.99 Big Deals are gone now then? Those were the best.

    Also do you know if the 6 free piece bucket for delivery deal is expiring 8 January 2023 as it says on the website, or 5 March 2023 as it says on the app? Thanks.
    The 6 free chicken is continuing but the big deals are the new ones I posted.
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    Can you order 4 of boneless meals, pay for it and then order another one and do this 3-4 times, all as separate transactions? Cheers (edited)
    States offer is valid on one KFC product per week, so this weeks it’s the 4pc boneless bucket, and one offer per transaction. That sounds like you can indeed do what you have asked. I don’t think they disappear from the app once redeemed but sure someone can verify. Good luck.
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    I don't see anything on the app about the added dipped bites for the 50% off deal, even when I click it, any idea how those are supposed to work?
    I’ve checked and it’s not asking to add them so there could be some issue. I’ll check and get back to you.
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    Which bargain bucket will it be anyone know?
    It will be the 6pc one
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    50% off the meal is good. Means I can throw the soft drink away, buy a proper Coke from somewhere else and not be out of pocket.
    Same. I can throw those disgusting fries away and buy some proper ones
  15. Avatar
    The two fillet burgers with fries for £5.99 is a pretty good deal
    Don’t see that deal ‘ Specsavers comes to mind
  16. Avatar
    New year's resolution destroyer menu
    Exactly why they do it
  17. Avatar
    Alexa, remind me to eat chicken in 4 days
  18. Avatar
    Great! forget the New years diet (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Omg I got so excited for the zinger tower burger. The 9th seems sooooo far away
  20. Avatar
    I love KFC chicken! 😄 Yet, having said that, I KNOW those birds I'm consuming have been fed with stuff I don't want to know about for now.
    Maybe when I'm on C-therapy in decades, then I'll have my regrets.😥
    Unless you literally grow and rear everything yourself or spend hundreds per week on the finest meat of the highest provenance, you are always going to be subjected to from the supply chain. Just live in moderation and enjoy it (edited)
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    My local KFC’s zinger tower burger meal is £7.49, with the 50% off offer it is for £4.49
    Wonder if KFC will fix the error (edited)
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    To be fair the chicken is edible at KFC.

    Yes it's still junk food and unhealthy but what the hell.
    Maybe at your KFC, my local place has been temporarily shut down and had ‘new’ management several times due to food poisoning and poor hygiene.
  23. Avatar
    KFC Executives be like "Yes... 50% off, that'll reel those trying to get away from us and on the new year get fit train, muhaha, muahahaha

  24. Avatar
    Shame the IOS app is a load of rubbish and never seems to work!!
  25. Avatar
    Thanks, added to my family shared calendar and I'll pop a Teams meeting in my work Outlook in case I forget...
  26. Avatar
    I'd love to know where they find the miniature chickens they use, must be really cute...
    Are you sure they're chicken?
  27. Avatar
    Someone wanna tell me the 4 mini fillets, fries and drink is usually £7.99? As it's half price now at £3.99? That meal is never 8 quid! Rediculous price for 4 nuggets and fries.
    All standard prices of KFC have had major price increases tbh… I don’t think I ever go in and buy anything that’s not on ‘offer’ anymore. For £3.99 though it’s a bargain 4 fillets, dip, chips & drink, can’t go wrong
  28. Avatar
    My local has stopped taking app orders.
  29. Avatar
    Does anyone know why they no longer do red tractor chicken?
  30. Avatar
    So BLC won’t work with these deals in the app right?
    It’s only 10 percent off now
  31. Avatar
    I have blue light so what this new kfc app please and how to add? Thanks
    Also I'd student and blc stackable? (edited)
    You need to download the kfc app
  32. Avatar
    They got to do something considering a zinger tower box meal cost £9.99
  33. Avatar
    It’s like eat out to help out all over again (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Got a bucket last week, couldn't believe a chicken could have such tiny portions, won't be buying for a while...
  35. Avatar
    KFC chicken is irresistible... Crispy on the outside, yet juicy and tender cuts of pure chicken breast on the inside .. amazing combo. 10/10 from me!
    Not in Northern Ireland Soggy on the outside greasy on the inside 
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    How do you add on the dipped bites for free? If you buy the 4 piece boneless meal?
  37. Avatar
    So I bought the 50% off 4 fillet meal. £3.74. Not bad. Then wanted more fillets so i ordered again for £3.74 and substituted the chips for a corn on the cob.

    Can’t see how it’s one offer a week seeing as I’ve had 2 in the space of 30 minutes.

    I am nhs and bluelight but don’t think can add the 10% discount to app orders. (edited)
    Yes I believe you can get this more than once
  38. Avatar
    KFC are about as good at math as they are at cooking chips.

    50% off Zinger Meal in app.

    normal price - £7.99
    discounted price - £4.74 (edited)
    Normal price on the app for me is £7.49 for me so should be £3.75?
  39. Avatar
    They seem to have pulled it for now, maybe because of their Maths
  40. Avatar
    9th - 15th
    50% off Zinger Tower meal

    Why I don't see this in my app?
    App has gone down.