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Posted 20 December 2022

New Kia Ceed Sportswagon 1.5T GDi ISG 3 - 5dr - £21,194 @ Nationwide Cars

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People shown their displeasure with 1.0 engine at reasonable price on recently posted deals
This one is 1.5T
Its above 21k - still about 4K cheaper than next best available price
I also believe this comes with 7 year KIA warranty - its not mentioned on the website - so need to confirm.

Lets see now what people comment -

Kia Ceed Sportswagon 1.5T GDi ISG 3 5dr sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the cylinder, 1482 CC engine with a 6 speed gear box. This produces 158 BHP with a top speed of 130 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 8.6 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 15E.

We have a great range of deals on all Kia Ceed Sportswagon derivatives, so browse online for the model you want.
Nationwide Cars More details at Nationwide Cars
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    We have these as pool cars, fairly decent to be fair but the clutch control seems to vary between stalling or revving the nuts off them. I drive a fair amount of different cars but really struggle with these. Recommend a test drive first to see if you can live with it!
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    Worth noting, Kia have just announced a spec upgrade in this model to include heated seats and heated steering wheel, this will probably be the older version without them.
    Can't recommend heated steering wheel enough. Thought it was a bit 'gimmicky' but an absolute treat in the winter.
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    All Kias have 7 year warranty, so can be assured of that.
    They do indeed. And totally transferable should you sell on. Imagine being able to sell a 4 year old car and to truthfully tell a prospective buyer that the car had 3 years (manufacturer's) warranty remaining. (edited)
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    Took some time to find out this is a petrol not diesel, Wonder what GDi stands for..
    Sure it's Gasoline direct injection.....

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    The Sportswagon (estate) version. Good looking car! Anybody know if it comes with tinted rear windows as standard?
    Is that a deal breaker? Looks a cracker in estate style.........
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    Good price. Approved used with 10k miles are currently going for £400 more than this
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    Nationwide Cars must be offering a good kick back to HUKD with all these daily average car deals posted - along with the wrong photos of not what you get
    Noticed this too, lot of Nationwide salesman on HUKD
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    It’s a great car if you are going for the private hire taxi driver look. (edited)
    Never seen a single one of these as a private hire car.
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    Is the Sportswagon an estate? The pic on the website makes it look like a hatch back?
    It is an estate. The picture on the site is wrong, it's a pic of the hatchback version
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    This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the cylinder
    Seems to be missing the figures
    Fuel consumption (WLTP) 48.7 mpg which is good but not close to 65+ mpg of the Clio E-tech or Corolla

    Strange to say this includes then not include the figures (edited)
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    Real shame it is not a diesel engine, the power profile and the low down pulling power diesel engines provide is so much better and better suited to driving in rural areas.
    I would've agreed in the past, but now I find a turbo petrol much more pleasant. Might be worth a test drive if you get the chance.
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    I have previously owned kia’s from new. The 7 year warranty is a joke. Clutch went on a Rio after only 35000 miles (5 years old) and Kia wanted £830 to repair it. They said it was normal wear and tear and wasn’t covered. They said that if I didn’t get it fixed with them then I would invalidate my warranty. My mate reckoned his garage cut have sorted it for £300. I have also owned many fords, 2nd hand and  from new, hammered them and not had any real issues. Clutches didn’t go until to around 90000 miles+ so what does that say about the quality of the parts Kia use in their cars. I would think very carefully before purchasing another Kia. In my personal experience their 7 year warranty’s are worthless.
    So did u go with Kia for clutch repair or sorted it with some other garage?
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    How much was it pre-pandemic? I know time machines aren't invented yet but that's my gauge for a reasonable deal (not that one can be found in the current environment). I don't need to switch yet, but am mighty tempted by Kia.
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    Just checking for a 4 x 4 version as have been trying to buy a replacement Suzuki S cross all grip with a Diesel engine but not a wimp petrol engine. I know am a Dinosaur etc. This looks nice but dunno if my dearest will live with it as we all drive Diesel 4 x 4
    trucks around Shropshire. Duster Dacia 4 x 4 we are considering and not bothered about residuals as it will be well used anyway for work and kept until we get fed up with it. Any pointers GR8ly welcomed. TIA.
    This looks nice but dunno if my dearest will live with it as we all drive red Diesel 4 x 4trucks around Shropshire.

    Fixed that for you.
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    Heat, but the photo on the link is a hatch, not a SW? (edited)
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    Excellent car for Uber drivers. Except in London as TfL does not accept anymore Hybrids.
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    Price gone up
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    21k for a Kia! Seriously?
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    worth the £3k over that skoda the other day just for having a 12v socket in the boot...
    a 12v socket is better than fallen stock.......
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    Not for now but added to list of cars to look at for next July (or in the 4 months leading up to handing mine back)
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    Is it automatic?
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    The second photo on this post is wrong and shows the hatchback
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    same engine as the i30
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    Have been waiting for my Ceed GT-line for 8 months… despite it was supposed to be 12 weeks. No good news on the horizon too.
    I'm 18 months into a Cupra with no build date yet. Sucks donkey digits
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    Got the Kia proceed which is pretty much the same car earlier in the year for a similar price. Highly recommended and the heated steering wheel is bliss in this cold weather.
    This one doesn't have a heated steering wheel
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    Considering this is a brand new kia with a 7-year warranty (albeit not an ev6 gt, who says marketing doesn't work!) in the disireable 3 spec which IMO the perfect spec with the new 1.5L turbo petrol seems like a bit of a bargain considering 4-year old bangers are going for the same price
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    The 160hp on tap from the 1.5 should be adequate for most... Parkers say its the best choice of engine (if meeting your needs), and the 1.0 with 120hp could feel a little sluggish - it's not the heaviest in its class but does weigh over 1400kg.
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    Are car prices generally starting to level out yet, or come down any even? (edited)
    Anecdotally looking at the deals springing up last week or two I'd say yes
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    Does this have sat nav?
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    sportswagon.... erm? - what sport would that be?
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    Towing weight - braked = 1000kg !!!??...... that's dissapointing!
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    Don’t get the Kia 1.6 Diesel (D4FE) the crankshaft has a known problem
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    People, how are u all, why suddenly no lease car deals!! have they gone out of fashion
    I was thinking that as well, what happened?