NEW - Kodak 7" Digital Photo Frame - £69.99 - save £90! Quidco for another 4.5% saving
NEW - Kodak 7" Digital Photo Frame - £69.99 - save £90! Quidco for another 4.5% saving

NEW - Kodak 7" Digital Photo Frame - £69.99 - save £90! Quidco for another 4.5% saving

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Spotted this while browsing for a new camera today - seems like a good price for a new product. Also accepts almost all memory card unlike most of the other frames out there. As it's Kodak I would expect it to be a good picture as well!

Don't for get Quidco for another 4.5% cashback on on-line purchases


Done a quick search and it seems to be the cheapest price for this. Very new product. Voted hot.

Is there anything that makes it any diffferent to the ones going for £20 - £30 on the likes of ebuyer at the minute? Apart from the fact that it's a kodak, it has the same res etc... ?

By the way, Welcome to HUKD Harzakluka!

Yeah i agree - looks like your paying for a name

I got the £24 one from eByer and the picture quality is very poor. Not had chance to mess around with the files I have given it to display so may be able to get better results out of it but I have a feeling that this is the best it can manage.

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Yeah i agree - looks like your paying for a name

Main differences I can see are the mention of a colour filter which if it's the same as LCD/Plasma TV's makes a massive difference to the picture quality despite similar resolutions.

BTW - since when do you not pay a premium for a brand? Isn't this site about good deals - £90 saving on a new product which is on Amazon at £99.99 seems like a good deal to me...how is this possibly being voted cold???

Go to pcworld and compare the cheap £30-40 ones with the £100+ ones they have on display.
The difference is quite striking.

High Resolution Screen (480 x 234)


Is the frame blue?

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Saw the frame yesterday and it's black not blue. Although resolution is not "high" the picture quality was pretty good - so much better than the other one's without a brand.

Talking to the Kodak demo girl in-store this is not an ongoing price and it will go up next week after the TV ad has finished

Bought mine online though for the Quidco :thumbsup:

Utter **** gets thousands of degrees cos people can't be arsed to read the post and vote based on who posted it or the subject header and this gets 1.2.

This is a far superior frame to anything you can get cheaper than it. It even looks about 8 times better than the tacky frames you can pick up from ebuyer etc.

now £79.99 ?

Gosh where did that come from?

Been holding in a lot of venom since May I take it?

Yep, it does look as if they have already increased the price by £10 already. :-(

There is some good news though... it is currently showing at £69.99 on Amazon.co.uk with free delvery... and they are in stock! :thumbsup:


More pictures on Amazon!

The deal is old, read the dates. I replied to it cos I just happened to do a search for this particular model of frame in case I'd missed a recent deal on it and found this older thread.
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