New Look Automatic £5 off £30 Spend Instore

New Look Automatic £5 off £30 Spend Instore

Found 25th Oct 2008Made hot 25th Oct 2008
Was in new look today and they were offering this - which is a great offer - no idea how long its going on for but if you get down there now should be on


good find lou :friends:

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the cashiers were really good actually, i didn't realise until they said at the till, spend a little extra and get something else free! i couldn't believe me eyes lol

is this store specific> As never saw anything when I was out in New Look earlier

this is great! There's a coat i'd like with £10 off so that would make it £15 off
doubt i'll be able to get student discount off too though!
never mind!

Student discount doesn't apply to sale items - not sure about promotional discounts. Hope this helps

Nice little offer. Not been in there for a while, so might pop by on Monday.

Went in there today, this wasn't on so I think it's over
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