New Look Fashion Sale - Many items 50% off
New Look Fashion Sale - Many items 50% off

New Look Fashion Sale - Many items 50% off

A nice selection of items on sale here
Please note that P&P is 3.50£



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Thanks Chipsticks !!

Your welcome!

Makes some of the sale things look verrrrry tasty! Theres some ankle skimmer jeans (ie short) £23, £5.60 with sale and extra 20%... bargain!

Some very, very nice things in the sale and lots of sizes left.

Voted hot!

They don't sell their tall range online - harrumph not fair!!

nor their inspire range, double harumphhh, but I have a teenage daughter who's a size 12 and getting excited... lol

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I agree the range should be lot wider - but they only went online recently I think so maybe they are just getting started - let's hope so ...

Hi, ive tried to get the extra 20% but when i click on the link Chip Stick posted, it comes up as i cannot view that page anyone know what i do? thanks

Same here!! Have Ataralas and myself been black listed????

No, the code was already posted, but it doesn't show up in the search, no idea why they deleted my post when the original post can't even be found.


can't see the20% off code??


I wish i didn't see this post!! lol
Thanks have some heat and rep!
(and for the 20%off code)
Oh no, the sites crashed now!

Too much traffic going to the site! I hope some of the stuff I bought yesterday isn't in the sale, I will be annoyed :roll:

The return policy is good for New Look online purchases -
you can return items to the store within 28 days or return by post within 14 days (freepost).
Still waiting for site to be repaired.

still not working

someone must be able to get on the site, coz the heat is going up:?

not me..

Late entry- a massive thanks for this- I bought 2 pairs of shoes I have wanted for ages- £35 down to £20, then down to £16 with code. Also a skirt for £10 and two pairs of slippers- all for under £50. BARGAIN!!
heat and rep added!

I had a quick look at the sale while at work and saw some bits I fancied but as I wasn't meant to be looking at it while at work, I thought I'd wait till I got home but haven't yet been able to get on :-(

thanks for post heat added!!!
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