New Look Women's Ripped Lead Skinny Jeans from £4.41 at Amazon

New Look Women's Ripped Lead Skinny Jeans from £4.41 at Amazon

Found 21st Jul 2017
Good price for these skinny Jeans, the cheapest is available in size 8 leg 32 for £4.41, but there are more sizes available but the are more expensive.

Some examples in link below


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A great deal, no matter how you mistreat them they'll appreciate in value.

Here's a worst-case scenario…0AQ
Thanks, but only Amazon "add-on" at £4.41. £7.49 for Prime
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£4.41 for ripped jeans, your having a laugh?
It's all to do with airflow and drag....scientifically engineered and fully tested in wind tunnels to ensure the rips are
correctly aligned to provide maxium airflow around your tiddlie bits and other large objects.... so less dickie drag more comfort cling whilst wearing
as ripped jeans are in fashion, i did wonder if i could get away with my old jeans where i have a rip on the arse (which is not so bad as an area for a rip) and a small rip in the crotch area, which is more embarassing. fine if i cross my legs when i sit on the tube. lol.
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