New Lynx3 mix n'match introductory offer

New Lynx3 mix n'match introductory offer

Found 10th Apr 2008
Lynx has recently launced it's latest deoderant, Lynx3. It consists of two cans and you mix and match each until you create your own preferred smell.

Saw this offer instore and thought I would try it out, I think it is nationwide. You get two cans so it works out reasonably cheap. If you are ordering off the website anyway might be a decent product to meet the required spend for a voucher.


I have enough problems dealing with a single-can deodorant. :thinking: Sounds like a good deal for those more sensible than me though, so voted hot.

Was in ASDA picking up a deal posted on here and noticed the LYNX 3 so decided to get some, it was £4 in their and presuming it has been popular in the store as their was only two packs left when I was their.

Not tried it yet but am sure using 2 cans at once will just make you use more trying to get the "desired effect" as it says on the
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