New Morrisons Savers List

New Morrisons Savers List

Found 7th Apr
Morrisons Savers Biological Laundry Powder 867g, 82p, 83.4p/KG.
Morrisons Savers All Purpose Cleaner 1l, 50p, 50p/1l.
Morrisons Savers Cream Cleaner 500ml, 30p, 6p/100ml.
Morrisons Savers Soap 3 X 125g, 42p, 14p each.
Morrisons Savers Orange Marmalade 454g, 27p, 6p/100g.
Morrisons Savers Concentrated Fabric Conditioner 1l, 45p, 45p/1l.
Morrisons Savers 80 Teabags 200g, 50p, 25p/100g.
Morrisons Savers Sponge Scourers 10pk, 50p, 5p each.
Morrisons Savers Toilet Cleaner 750ml, 27p, 36p/1l.
Morrisons Savers Washing Up Liquid 500ml, 34p, 6.8p/100ml.
Morrisons Savers Disinfectant 1l, 30p, 30p/1l.
Morrisons Savers Garlic Baguette 150g, 37p, 37p each.
Morrisons Savers Peas 900g, 68p, 7.6p/100g.
Morrisons Savers 12 Jaffa Cakes 150g, 38p, 20p/100g.
Morrisons Savers Spaghetti 500g, 20p, 4p/100g.
Morrisons Savers No Added Sugar Orange Juice Drink 2l, £1.38, 6.9p/100ml.
Morrisons Savers Porridge Oats 1kg, 75p, 7.5p/100g.
Morrisons Savers 72 Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, 50p, 6p each.
Morrisons Savers Jumbo Kitchen Towel 3 Rolls X 120 Sheets, £1.60, 53.3p each.
Morrisons British Semi Skimmed, Skimmed & Full Fat Milk 4 Pints 2.27L, £1.09, 48p per litre.
Morrisons Savers Cola 2L, 17p, 8.5p/1 litre.
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Morrisons Savers Cola 2L, 17p, 8.5p/1 litre

"Price Check in Aisle 9, please..."

Some of the prices are competitive but others are the same as Aldi/Lidl. Voted Hot, btw...
Edited by: "frogman" 7th Apr
The Jaffa Cakes are listed as 30p on the link provided, and were 30p when I picked them up last week.

If that still is the price, they're the cheapest available in any supermarket, and the quality is pretty good - I'd say on a par with most other own brands (not hard round the edges like some of the cheap ones can be).
Glad to see more Savers products in the range. Tesco seems to be phasing out all its value range, which is really annoying because I buy quite a lot of them Will be shopping at Morrisons much more then!
Thanks for posting these deals. Only major store in my locality. Normally I find Morrisons expensive. Am I the only one that finds Morrisons normally expensive ?
The 60p Savers Frozen Pizza was rubbish, but the 30p White Chocolate bar and 30p Jaffa Cakes were both good value.
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