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New Motorola moto G22 - 64GB, Li-Po 5000 mAh battery, 6.5" screen, Cosmic Black - £99 (+£10 PAYG goodbag for new customer) @ giffgaff Shop

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  • 21-days no quibble returns
  • Unlocked to any network
  • Spread the cost with interest free Klarna
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    Great budget phone with long lasting battery and decent camera. Not for gaming but great for day to day stuff.
    It's not 'great'. I don't think you should use that word too casually.

    It's got a weak 720p screen with low brightness, a tinny single speaker, slow browsing speed, awful geekbench rating, plastic body, etc.

    Yes, the battery is really good, the cameras are better than you'd expect for the price and it looks quite pretty, but I think we have a responsibility for people who might be considering a purchase.

    I bought a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite based on positive comments on this site and it was really disappointing for me. I spent £100 on that and it was a case of 'buy cheap, buy twice'. I'll never make that mistake again.

    I'm not suggesting you need to spend more than £200 though. You can get some decent specs between £150-200. (edited)
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    Budget phone: Y
    Known brand: Y
    Respected seller: Y
    Brand new: Y
    Absolutely fine for normal use: Y
    Free delivery by tomorrow: Y
    Bargain at just £99: Y


    HEAT 🔥 (edited)
    Slower phones irritate the hell out of me. I've owned several £100 handsets over the years and I've always been on the lookout for something better after 6 or so months.

    I'd recommend looking for something second hand on Cex for £100-150 instead. Grade B is always tidy enough.

    Either that or waiting for something like the Poco F3 to be on offer again. It's a power house and well priced to boot. I paid £200 for mine in a sale and whilst it's a lot more than that currently (after I just checked online), you won't need to upgrade that bad boy for years. It'll fly at mach 5 for a long time to come. (edited)
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    Anyone know how this would compare to the Xiaomi 10S, Note 9 Pro or Note 11 please?

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    Looking to get a basic phone for elderly relative. Needs to be a smartphone that can do all the essentials plus WhatsApp. Would people suggest this or the Oppo A16S for £79?
    I just bought the G22 for the same reason. For the basics it is absolutely fine, will do WhatsApp, weather, news etc all without any hitches.

    I tried Chrome browsing on it as well and even that was fast enough.

    I'd definitely recommend for an elderly relative. Anyone who says it is laggy or slow quite simply has never used it and is basing their opinion purely on specs, which don't tell the full story.
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    Don't forget Quidco! Mine tracked at £22.50…!

    Thanks for posting (edited)
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    How does this compare with the Motorola G31 that i was literally about to buy?
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    It's garbage don't buy it. It's so slow beyond belief even for the most basic of tasks. The processor is terrible.
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    Better than my Redmi 7a?
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    I remember back those days when Motorola used to be %100 US company. Now it's Chinese. I always look for a non Chinese brand for peace of mind (edited)
    Aren't they all made there nowadays?
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