NEW - Nando’s Halloumi Fries £3.70

NEW - Nando’s Halloumi Fries £3.70

LocalFound 26th Feb 2018
Nando’s are making dreams come true by combining two of our favourite sides (chips and halloumi) into one – halloumi fries.

You get five squeaky hot baes, and they come with a side of sticky, sweet chilli jam, and will be priced at £3.70.

Avaliable from 27th February 2018
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Not a deal. Just a new item with a regular price.
I've never dreamt about Halloumi. Nor fries. Real chips, maybe once or twice.
Unless reduced or free.... Please don't get my hopes up...
veggie burger still off the menu... RIP Nandos
No deal. Not a deal. Cold
this seems expensive compared to their side of Halloumi
Least they still have chicken! Not saying any names now...
That's not a deal. You can buy halloumi slices from there already for about £1.50. Buy a slice and cut it into five pieces, save yourself some coin.
And the deal is???
hodgy10661 h, 3 m ago

And the deal is???

Nandos fan boys/girls don't really need that much info.
The chicken is really bland now, I don't know what they have done but the grilled taste has gone, the last two times I went to the Kingston and New Malden outlets, the chicken was hopeless.
Weren't available yet in my local
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