New Nintendo 3DS XL £149.99 @ Amazon

New Nintendo 3DS XL £149.99 @ Amazon

£149.99Amazon Deals
Found 17th Aug 2016
Same as recent tesco price after vouchers.
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Good alternative. I've got £55 in Amazon vouchers from birthdays etc. Sooooo tempted. But I've got a 2ds that works fine and plays all the games I want.......
It's 99p more isn't it ? (_;)
only £99.99 in Argos
This is the new model, the Argos deal is for the old model
Why so cold?
It's now £149, so 99p cheaper! Judging how this site works most of the time, if you made a new deal for it, it'd go hot!

Why so cold?

I'm guessing most can't tell the difference between the old and new model.
The new model is much better 3D (You can move your position and it compensates), way faster when using the home button etc. and improves the frame rate on some games. You can also get an exclusive title for it - Xenoblade Chronicles, although it's not particularly worth going out of your way for...
This is a great deal for the New 3DS. This shouldn't be cold.
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