New Oreo Double Stuff Introductory Price at Asda 80p

New Oreo Double Stuff Introductory Price at Asda 80p

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I've been waiting patiently for Nabisco to launch Doublestuf Oreo's in the UK. Now they have, looks like an exclusive at Asda from this week.

Renamed "Double stuff" and only available in 185g packets (without the snazzy packaging shown above right it must be mentioned) Asda have them on an introductory price of 80p until they go up to £1.29 in the future.

Each biscuit (cookie) has double the vanilla cream filling in which means that there's a whopping 3.3g of fat in each one!

... but if you love that rollin around on the floor feeling that comes from ingestion of a large quantity of tasty cookies then this purchase should sort you out.



argh...i have to buy these! for the kids of course

ah thanks !!! gonna pop to ASDA tonight

oh wow these sound good!!!

Gonna head to Asda to pick some up thanks!

Yum Yum !

the asda where i work have had these for ages. i was looking at getting some about a month or so ago

Any word on chocolate or mint cream versions of these? They are hella nice

Now you can get fat...double quick! yay!

OMG (faints with happiness). I didn't think they'd *ever* release Double Stuf over here!!!!

The description doesn't reflect your username ; )

Why only one F? How are you supposed to pronounce it, "Stoof"?

I lived of these when I was in Florida a couple of years back, so glad they are now here. Now I don't have to use two Oreos to make a single double stuffed Oreo.

my sister in law brought back the white biscuit Oreo's with chocolate when she came back from USA. I cant find them over here. the UK chocolate ones just dont compare. the white biscuit ones might have been limited as I cant find them on internet either

They didn't have them at my local asda (Canterbury) but they did have oreos covered in white chocolate that looked amazing!!

Been waiting for these for YEARS! I'm just waiting for them to bring back Oreo Big Stuf - discontinued in 1991. Those bad boys had 316 calories EACH!

Thanks! Heat added!

Delightful news!!

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Hey napoleonsolo, are you a fan of the man from U.N.C.L.E. or the At the Drive-In song. Just curious...and bored at work. ATDI is one of my fave bands is all.

For obvious reasons, these are hugely popular in the US! For the price, stock up whilst you can!!! Selfridges sell these for no less than about £5 per box!!!
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