New Parent Free Life Cover 10k at Aviva

New Parent Free Life Cover 10k at Aviva

Found 5th May 2014
For new parents of kids under 1

£10,000 of free life cover for each parent from the day you apply until your baby's first birthday. That could mean £20,000 to protect your family if both parents apply.
It pays out £10,000 if a covered parent dies on or before their baby’s first birthday
You can take out the plan once your baby has been born and before they are twelve months old.
No payment is needed and we won't request your bank account or credit card details.
It will only take a few minutes to apply, and you will receive confirmation that your family is protected within minutes.
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If you shop around you can get decent cover for very little, my wife and I have seperate polices £350K for a total of £50 a month upto our 69th birthday - 30+ year policies . Brokers cavendish had the best prices and don't take commission just charge £35 per policy. Seperate polices were only a few quid more that a joint one that only pays out once.
Why is this cold?

Why is this cold?

Because it is -

a. Pointless. If you have a new child and are considering what would happen if one parent died, then £10k is far far too little.
b. You have now given all your details to Aviva, so you will be inundated with their efforts to up-sell you to something sensible.
c. As has been already pointed out, if you need such cover there are much cheaper places to get exactly the same cover (I second the recommendation for Cavendish).
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