New Phone Line Installation with NO 12 month BT contract £125 (inc 1 month line rental)
New Phone Line Installation with NO 12 month BT contract £125 (inc 1 month line rental)

New Phone Line Installation with NO 12 month BT contract £125 (inc 1 month line rental)

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After reading the other posts for BT, SKY, Virgin etc..I thought that I should let you all know of another way around the installation / 12 month contract BT problem. Personally, I think this is a good method for people such as myself who need a new line because they cant get broadband without it.

After lots of research I found that Madasafish also do new line installs for £115 and a line rental charge of £10 a month.., but you only have a 28 day contract. I cancelled the day after they installed. It cost me £125 for the 1st month (so not much cheaper) but I was then free to go straight to Tiscali, which means I now pay just £14.99 a month for my internet and line rental together. And if I move, there is no charge to myself

For myself (no sky package, and no real need for line rental other than internet) it was quite handy. I did this 6 months ago, and it worked fine.

Personally, I think the initial charge is totally justified considering the wiring required, and it hardly adds much to the amount you pay on a new property. However, I didnt really wish to get tied into BT line rental for a year, and then have to pay for broadband on top.
As it was, BT wanted
£125 for the installation charge
£12 (I think) per month for line rental
£16 extra for broadband (and 5gb max download per month)
£461 for the year (£38.41 a month)
As well as £70 if you end early for the line rental

Still paying £125 sounds expensive, but if you work out the true cost of BT for a year, I saved £135.
£125 for the installation charge (and 1 month line rental)
£6.49 broadband (1st month with Tiscali)
£14.99 broadband and line rental (months 2-12) I upgraded from basic Tiscali broadband after the 1st month
£30 installation charge for the line rental / broadband combo
£326 for the year £27.17 a month)

Also, there are a few codes floating around I think for £10 or so off a talk package, so I think I actually saved £10 extra..

I will be happy if it helps 1 person who had a similar dilemma to myself.


My brother's just moved into a newbuild flat and the landlord is refusing to have anything to do with the phones (BOO!) so i'll pass this onto him.


... and don't forget the £22.00 back through Quidco!! :thumbsup:

Also they have a referral system so more money back that way but it might be credit on your account but worth a check.

Good post, the important bit is the fact that Madasafish will do the installation and not hold you to a 12 month contract. I guess Tiscali are offering such a good deal because of poor user feedback!

Original Poster

I did use quidco at the time..but forgot to put that in.

Tiscali work great for me, and have done for the 5 years that I have had them. The connection never seems to be down, they never overcharge me...dont see any problem.
I guess its like most ISP's, everybody will have different experiences with different companies. But since you are not tied in, you can go do whatever you want after 1 month.

The Phone Co-Op also have short contracts: 3 month minimum stay, I believe. About a fiver for a line restart and about £120 for a new line installation, IIRC.

Great post, very clear

Does anyone know if this really works?

If I cancel with them after a month, can they disconnect my line again?


I thought you can get free installs if you take out a 12 month contract anyway (isnt 12 months rental about £125 anyway)?
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