New Police Story DVD (Special Edition) *New* £3.99 @ eBay / sweetbuzzards
New Police Story DVD (Special Edition) *New* £3.99 @ eBay / sweetbuzzards

New Police Story DVD (Special Edition) *New* £3.99 @ eBay / sweetbuzzards

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Modern Hong Kong cinema cop drama starring Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse. Inspector Chan (Jackie) is a hopeless slave to the bottle. After doing long battle with a nihilistic gang of rich kids who rob banks just to get to kill cops and losing many of his men, he took to his cups. The final evidence that he's clearly unable to do his duty comes one day when, in a chase situation, instead of his gun, he draws his half bottle. An unknown passer by Cheng (Nicholas Tse) who picks him up from the gutter turns out to be his new partner. Dusting himself off, Chan's told that the gang has struck again. It turns out that the gang, led by the steely-eyed hardman Joe, are extreme sports fanatics run amok so Chan and Cheng infiltrate their little club. The pursuit is long and action-packed but soon becomes personal when Cheng is injured and Chan's girlfriend is taken hostage.



Love that trilogy.

Be aware this is the NEW Police Story. Not a patch on his old work. In his more recent films he's kinda sold out to Hollywood.


Love that trilogy.

This isn't part of the original Police Story series and Jackie Chan plays a different character in this. It's a completely separate story with a much darker undertone compared to the earlier films.

Watch Armor of God 2 recently and Wheels on Meals. Got to do a proper Jackie Chan binge soon. Great stuff.

Haven't seen this though.

It was on TCM last night. I was only half watching it, but it's not the stunt filled romp that the original is.

Police Story 3 is on Film 4 on 24/12 at 02.00 if, like Sheldon might, you feel compelled to have a sense of completeness by watching all three.

If there was one action star I regret has gotten old is Jackie Chan .... true legend and his stuntwork put proper stuntmen to shame

oddly its £4.10 through sweetbuzzards on amazon oO

original police story was great but this isnt that good,mind most of his modern/american stuff was utter tosh.

drunken master,police story and dragon lord are superb,hunt them out

While not a patch on his earlier work, it's still a good action romp. Jackie Chan takes more of a back role and leaves most of the action set pieces to the young stars in the movie. Defo, worth a watch and good price. Heat.


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