New release @ very Sony xperia xa2 ultra - £379.99

New release @ very Sony xperia xa2 ultra - £379.99

£379.99Very Deals
Found 1st Feb
It comes with a standard 32Gb of internal storage that's expandable by massive 256Gb using a microSD card - ideal for storing all your photos, video and games

Snapdragon 630 (slightly disappointed)

3,580 mAh battery

Good deal on a new release not available many places yet.
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Think they have missed the boat with this newer version, it is heavier & fatter, yet has the same screen and in some instances a slower chip than the XA1 Ultra for everyday tasks.

Yes it has bluetooth 5, but save your extra £180 and buy the XA1 Ultra
Come on Sony.

Its 2018!!!!
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steve2527 h, 6 m ago

Same price here:

You lie! The amazon one is 99p cheaper, you should post this immediately
Sony cant decide what to do. First they cheapen all their phones with the seasick Steve mediatech crap then when they finally come to their senses and go back to Snapdragon they ramp up the prices. Bezels at 400 pounds that belongs in 2015. I'm sticking with my RN4 cold from me.
This is the standard price
Surfer100014 m ago

This is the standard price

I know this, but many people may not have heard, and i posted this when it was first released ten days ago
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