NEW Samsung Gearfit 2 (not out in the UK) £156.48 @ AMAZONUSA

NEW Samsung Gearfit 2 (not out in the UK) £156.48 @ AMAZONUSA

Found 12th Jun 2016
Samsung has took the very odd stance of not launching the Gearfit 2 in the UK.
However I noticed that Amazon USA ship to the UK and cover all the import tax and clearing customs using the global plan.
So all in using the lowest delivery option it's $223 this equates to £156.48 if paying in dollars, you can use their currency converter and pay in pounds but seems to work out £160 ish. I used the Halifax clarity credit card and paid in dollars.
Been getting very positive reviews from first impressions.
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not sure why they've skipped the UK with this!
The advances in fitness trackers at the minute is amazing. I can't face replacing my Fitbit at the minute but I can see myself being tempted by this in time.
i was only reading about this yesterday and couldnt see when it was released in the UK. why would samsung not release it in the UK, seems a stupid decision to make. initial reviews suggest its a winner.
The review I've just read looks really good - gutted I've just bought a Tom Tom
Amazon France sell these also, might be a couple of quid more but better if you need to return
hot silly samsung as always
available on Amazon UK now. £194 £169
Samsung online £169
Couple of other places online ranging between 114 and 250.

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Where is it at £114?
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