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NEW Samsung SM-R180 Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear Earphones with Qi Wireless Charging Black - £46.32 with Code @ eBay/Cheapest_electrical

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Item is brand new, in original packaging, supplied with all accessories. 12 months warranty supplied.

Audio via AKG
Audio experts AKG have fine-tuned the Galaxy Buds Live, so get set to hear the treble and feel the bass, no matter if you’re working out at the gym or relaxing by the pool.

Active Noise Cancelling
Never miss your stop again, thanks to Galaxy Buds Live’s adjustable Active Noise Cancelling feature – you can easily control how much background sound you wish to hear, so you can choose to be aware of your surroundings.

Eartips for all
Samsung helpfully include Eartips to provide a more comfortable audio experience. Select the correct size and enjoy a comfortable, snug, stress free run or workout session.

The Galaxy Buds Live house 2x outer microphones and 1x inner, all to help keep unnecessary sounds out of your conversations.

Power on
Galaxy Buds Live will keep you rocking out to your favourite tunes for up to 60 minutes with only a speedy 5 minute charge. Fully charge your Galaxy Buds Live and you’ll be treated to over 6 hours of audio.

Nice touch
Once connected, via built-in Bluetooth 5.0, to a compatible mobile or smart watch, you can use your Galaxy Buds Live to control your tunes – either playing, pausing or skipping tracks or answering phone calls with just a tap.
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    Anyone run or used these in the gym? And can you use an earbud indepently?
    I use mine in the gym and when I'm out on the road (running). No issue but to be fair, I tend to wear a snood over my head, it sometimes blips with the volume either turning up or dropping if they get sweat/wet. Have to either quickly turn them down via the watch or phone or pull them out of my ears as they can be quite loud. I agree with others they are probably the best headphones I have (also have buds 2 and the buds pro).
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    Can anyone give a real world comparison with the Buds+? In the last week or two the battery of my Buds+ seems to have really dropped off a cliff so looking to replace (I should note that I must have had at least 2500+ hours' use out of my Buds+ so absolutely no complaints and if these are no better then I'll just get another set of Buds+ ).
    I don't think anybody can give you a real world comparison because the 2 products are completely different. These are relatively cheap and they don't go in ear. Hence these have almost non existent ANC. These are fine in an office environment or on the street so you hear the cars passing by. These are nowhere near a match with the Buds+, mainly because of the form factor. These are in a lower league as well.
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    My pair sound great but are terrible if I'm walking or running, always losing connection. I also occasionally have the 2 sides out of sync.

    I wonder if I have a faulty pair.
    Those sound faulty.

    I have used mine since lauch and I work, go to the gym, run etc all the time in them. No connection issues ever.
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    Worth it thnx
  5. Avatar
    I think this is the right price and I've voted hot. This deal should get very hot IMO. (edited)
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    I have 3 pairs of these at home, they are great earbuds with a very good audio quality and battery life.
    They're open so they don't block your hearing and out pressure on your ear drums.
    Great price though, hot!
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    I don't know why but these always look like jelly beans to me ..
    Same here…
  8. Avatar
    Wow I've been using them for over a year, only learned now it's got wireless charging
    All Samsung buds have wireless charging
  9. Avatar
    How did people get these for a pound??? Or £15 Something like that??
    It was last year's Samsung cash back and £50 bonus offer combined with a discount on RRP, Samsung was actually paying people to use them if one bought 4 pairs
  10. Avatar
    These were my life till my left bud stopped working g out of warranty but still best buds I ever owned
  11. Avatar
    The most comfortable buds that I had. (have Buds pro as well)
  12. Avatar
    What are these like say compared to jbl mid range?
    I found JBL uncomfortable. These are the only earbuds I can wear for extended periods. sound is decent too
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    My partner claims to be buying a pair of 2nd Gen Apple ipods for our Daughter (13 yrs). Begrudgingly, before she hands over her hard earned... Are there cheaper and equaliy/better impressive wireless buds out there considering the 1st Gen became faulty. I am not a big fan of Apple but let's park that for now....just out for some honest views and recommendations.
    Honestly speaking apple AirPods are the best earphones I’ve ever had for under £120. Everything just runs smoothly and is easier to put in etc. it also depends on what phone your daughter has, if she has an iPhone the AirPods would be her best bet. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    I prefer these over any buds, they just slip in and I use these for my runs. Personal preference.
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  16. Avatar
    Heat! Buying these as a second pair, I like that they sit in my ears and don't block them... it means they aren't great for noisy roads for transport but great for around the house or walking to the shops
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    I need new buds and have to use the little shark fin to locate securely in my ear - do these fit your ear in the same way or rely on the rubber 'bung' on your ear canal?
    They fit pretty well for me, they have little silicon wings that attach near the back of them.
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    These are great, don't like the gummy ones going in my ears, never have so I've always stuck to over ear headphones but these are nice to just have something light to take around.
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    I have a pair of Cambridge Audio Melomanias that are still sealed. Sell those and buy these?
    i have both, i prefer the cambridges for outside/noisy enviroments because the sound insulation is better and i do feel the audio quality is a bit better (but i cant really tell the diffrence) the buds are more comfortable and i can use them for alot longer without discomfort,
    They are both excellent earbuds and you wont regret either of them, but i do prefer the buds live.

    side note, i have had issues with both of these, melomanias completly failed after about 6 months, thankfully replaced under warrenty, With the buds live the left earbud failed and was again replaced under warrenty.
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    I lost mine on the train the other week (dammit), and bought another pair on eBay (new) for a similar price. I think this is a good price for these.

    These are an acquired taste, but I like them. The sound is very good, you can hear more of the outside world, they sit within your ear, so are less likely to be knocked out, and can be worn with hats.

    On the cons, the ANC is pretty much nonexistent, and the design won't be to everyone's taste.
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  22. Avatar
    These are very comfortable as they sit in the ear rather than protruding in the ear. They do let a lot of outside noise in, which has its positives and negatives, but definitely worth mentioning for those interested in these. I have also dropped mine in a reservoir and after 10 minutes submerged they still worked fine!
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