New Sony Ericsson X10 Mini £10.00 per month @ e2save

New Sony Ericsson X10 Mini £10.00 per month @ e2save

Found 4th Jun 2010
Brand new Sony Ericsson X10 Mini smartphone running Android OS 1.6 on Orange Dolphin 20 (24 month contract) - 100 mins, Unlimited Texts & 500MB of internet access per month with 12 months "free" by redemption (a total of £240 cashback).

Equivalent of £10.00 per month, plus get an extra £46 cashback via Quidco

Mobile is free with this deal obviously


why take this over the pulse on t-mob with 3GB net, android 2.1 and potentially cheaper to boot?

serious question

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Why not? It's a brand new phone, only just released, sells for around £250 as opposed to the Pulse which sells for about £100. The Pulse is made by Huawei I believe, or maybe ZTE, whereas the X10 is made by a well known established manufacturer.

1.6 will be upgraded to 2.1 at a later stage.

Besides, why compare this deal to a different phone on a different network? Judge it on its merits, have you found the X10 Mini on a better contract?

I'm making the same comparison most people would - weighing up what to get for the same purpose have one pulse already but need another android phone, so was looking for objective reasons this is better (or not)
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