New Style Nintendo 3DS XL for £184.99 at 365games PAL

New Style Nintendo 3DS XL for £184.99 at 365games PAL

Found 26th Dec 2014
Was very interested by this, I'm probably in the minority when I say I enjoy the 3D feature, so this is a must buy for me,

features a greatly improved and more stable 3D function as well a C Stick (essentially another circle pad) and apparently according to IGN a must faster processor. Also a newer design.

Not yet released in the UK, this is a PAL Australian import, unsure what the RRP for this console is going to be, but isn't released until next year, so probably best for those who want it early (Like me)

Also £2.31 in Player Points with this purchase (Reward scheme)
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N ice to have it early but I would wait for the pal UK release it will be cheaper
This is a brillaint deal, would easily cost you more than 200 to import it. I bought from the same store 7 days ago. Came within 2 days. So much better than a standard 3ds xl. HEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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