New Super Mario Forever 2015 Pc Game @ cnet ( Free

New Super Mario Forever 2015 Pc Game @ cnet ( Free

Found 20th Oct 2015
Don't know if many people consider this much of a freebie or a freebie at all?But i stumbled upon this some time ago now and thought i'd find it again and repost it for everyone.It's a pc version of mario called New Super Mario Forever 2015.The download is via cnet and is legit i can verify it as at this time i currently have it running in the background on my pc as i write this.…buc

The only really annoying thing i find is the over utilization of the ya ya woohoo sound mario makes when jumping, And i just had to ctrl+alt+delete end the process to get out of the game but i am sure some of you can find a way in the game to exit probably start and exit?

But being as it's free i thought it a relevant and worthy addition to the freebies section although guarenteed some will hate on it lol,don't ask me why but it's allways the way.

Any way for the none haters enjoy.

Publisher's Description
From Softendo Download Games: This is the latest continuation of Super Mario 3: Mario Forever. This is completly new game. Enter to world of New Super Mario Forever 2012 fight on eight large maps filled with plenty of levels and secret stages. use many powerups like tanooki, bomberman, Boomer-Man, Wegetable Super Power, Power star, Power Clock, Fire flower. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. Game has also renewed graphics and much better scrolling in comparison to the original Mario. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava. Of course, there are also many novelties in the gameplay - an option to save your game, brand new enemies and bonuses are only a few of them. However, fans of the original old Mario don't have to fear - it is still the same game, only upgraded. Collecting coins, jumping into the pipes, hidden levels - there are still here. Don't hesitate to download Mario Forever now - but remember, this video game.

Editors' Review

by: staff on June 09, 2013

New Super Mario Forever 2012 looks and feels just like the real deal, even down to the music. Though it takes far too long to set up and there are a few kinks, it's a great way to get your Mario fix. If you like gaming on your computer, it beats dusting off the old Nintendo or paying big bucks for the original games on eBay.

During installation, this game will try to change your homepage and search to Bing. Make sure you opt out of that if you don't want it. The game takes a while to install and displays an error unless you run it as an administrator. Even if you're logged in as the administrator account, it makes you right-click and choose "Run as administrator." The game does play smoothly once you've finally set it up. It even runs with premier graphics and sound on computers with older processors. If you didn't know any better, you'd believe New Super Mario Forever 2012 was made by Nintendo. The only unprofessional elements are the frequent instances of broken English. The really smooth gameplay and abundance of levels make up for that, though. The game even supports USB controllers and expands well to HDTVs if you want to play it like you would on a console.

If you don't mind jumping through hoops, this game offers a real treat. It's almost like a whole new Mario experience you've never played before. If you can't get enough emulators and 8-bit goodness, you have to try New Super Mario Forever 2012.


As with many downloads today the best installation method is to click decline for both instances where decline is an option,and do not highlight (do not tick the box) for the norton page ad that appears,this will avoid the installation of unwanted bloatware on your system.

I am unsure of the system requirements for this game however i should imagine it doesn't require even close to intermediate system power to run?

I have also noticed that there has been an outdated post of a previous version of this,which i have just noticed at 21:25 hrs 20/10/2015 so i don't think it's a problem it is an expired listing.
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5 Comments…buc for the lazy people

I'll personally will be giving it a miss, just by looking at the youtube video!
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it's free, so heat from me. And looks OK
Frees free. Heat

it's free, so heat from me. And looks OK


Frees free. Heat

Thanks for the heat
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