new tickets for karate kid screening 21st june 6:30pm

new tickets for karate kid screening 21st june 6:30pm

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Found 10th Jun 2010Made hot 10th Jun 2010
Free Screening The Karate Kid

code 567554

Birmingham, ODEON
Braehead, Glasgow, ODEON
Derby, ODEON Monday 2
Greenwich, London, ODEON
Guildford, ODEON
Hatfield Galleria, ODEON
Kingston upon Thames, ODEON
Lee Valley, London, ODEON
Leeds/Bradford, ODEON
Leicester, ODEON
Liverpool ONE, ODEON
Manchester Printworks, ODEON
Norwich, ODEON
Sheffield, ODEON
Silverlink, ODEON
Southampton, ODEON
Taunton, ODEON
Tunbridge Wells, ODEON


Thanks! Just got 4 for Greenwich.

Thanks a lot, 4 for southampton.

4 for Lee Valley, thanks!

Thanks, just got 4 for Birmingham ;-)

4 for norwich thanks!

Got 4 for Leicester, many thanks


3 for leeds/bradford odeon :-D

Original Poster Banned

see you there kash786

none left in manchester


Got 4 for Leicester, many thanks

Must have been the last ones. enjoy!

Spain on the box for me.

Thank You alot

none in kingston-heat for the post though as some were lucky.

Only 1 left at silverlink...someone hurry if you want it

all gone for southampton

missed out on silverlink AGAIN!! :x thanks for posting though!! xx

They always go so quickly for my areas Kingston, other posts for Wimbledon and Cineworld. What a shame I am not quick enough.

Sheffield full again! Grrrrrr

I do hope they haven't ruined a classic... :whistling:
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