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Posted 31 December 2022

New Toyota Yaris Cross Estate 1.5 Hybrid Icon 5dr CVT - £22886 @ Nationwide Cars

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Toyota Yaris Cross Estate 1.5 Hybrid Icon 5dr CVT sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the 3 cylinder, 1490 CC engine with a 1 speed gear box. This produces 116 BHP with a top speed of 106 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 7 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 11E.

We have a great range of deals on all Toyota Yaris Cross Estate derivatives, so browse online for the model you want.
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The photo is NOT of this spec. Plus extra for paint.
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    I recently had this car for two weeks as a hire car I must say I'm so impressed The fuel consumption is unreal i was getting 70 mpg with out trying.
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    0-62mph in 7s?

    Will be 10+ at least
    Yeah, for everyone else they make an AWD and FWD version. Both have same engine but ofc the AWD is the one that can do 0-60 in 7s. This deal is for the Icon trim which Toyota don't sell for the AWD version
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    Are the cats easy to nick on these?
    Cats in newer (generally within last 3 years, some older) cars use fewer precious metals so aren't as attractive to thieves. (edited)
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    This or the CHR?
    CHR. More ugly but it’s as old as the hills so it’s proven. This is still a very new car.
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    Love Japanese cars.... Just service, mot and done
    Got my Honda Jazz 06 plate since 2012, im second owner with over 100k mileage (bought at 50k), and its still absolutely brilliant and engine as quiet as before, only goes for service and mot once a year (does require general wear and tare like tyres, break pads, etc) road tax is 125£ per year, low insurance.
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    Did I read it right that it's got a 1 speed gearbox?
    Or automatic.
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    We’ve had ours since September 2022, currently achieving 59.9mpg mostly urban driving with relatively few long distance. When we do it’s approximately 65-70mpg on these. Really is a great car with plenty of space.
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    I had the top of the range Yaris hybrid with the CVT gearbox. It was absolutely one of the worst cars I've ever driven. The engine use to rev its nuts off when you put your foot down (I know how a CVT works before the comments come in) and when the engine was hot occasionally, it would not start.

    I now have a new kia Nero hybrid which is amazing on both build and ride quality. Gone are the days of the quality of the Celica GT4 205 JDM. That's when quality cars came from the land of the rising Sun 🇯🇵
    49193553-A6yaY.jpg (edited)
    Must be a MK3 Yaris, that I agree it's bad on foot down, engine noise. The MK4 is a big improvement on that.
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    Finally, a reasonable sized engine.
    Troll oh lol oh lol
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    62mpg...that seems rubbish to me, my old Ford claimed 65mpg!
    The reviews on these state its difficult to get under 65MPG and some saying 80MPG+ is possible.
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    This or an MG4 EV?
    Mg4 still has a few problems I believe so might need a few return trips to dealer
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    That’s a very loose use of the term ‘estate’!
    It’s a Hybrid.
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    When a Yaris is on 'offer' for £23k you know the world really has gone mad.
    Agree, just why would you buy one?
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    Cold from me, it’s a Toyota Yaris
    Top reliability and build quality is cold? Diesel rivalling MPG but paying petrol prices is cold too right with recent cost of pump prices?

    Best pay premium for the badge, bad build quality whilst driving a dime a dozen car (edited)
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    Why every other car is getting metamorphosed into SUV style is beyond me.
    Suv r kill innit
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    It's unreal the biggest factor people decide what car to buy is the badge and don't even consider reliability, low maintenance costs and MPG, especially with how crazy high the price at the pump jumped to

    Great deal (edited)
    Er its a Toyota they are pretty much the most overall reliable brand out there.
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    Another sajidtg car 'deal'.........you must be making a packet for all this lead gen you do
    To that extent, that I can buy this car now
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    Why would anyone spend £22k on a Yaris?! Thousand quid less will get an Octavia VRS
    for a brand new one?

    link plz
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    0-60 11.2s on all other documentation bar theirs. It’s 116bhp. Definitely not a 7s car.
    Was gonna say, pretty sporty car!!
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    The MK4 Yaris is the motoring world's best kept secret, it's a brilliant car with plenty of power with the engine and EV motor combined and I've seen over 80mpg - it averages 72mpg and at motorway speeds averages 65mpg. It has turbo diesel torque. It doesn't rattle, is very quiet and handles brilliantly. There's a reason these cars are so expensive. It is the best small car you can buy right now. Unless you've drive one, you don't know what you're talking about and don't compare it to the older MK3, they're nothing alike. (edited)
    Got an excel on order
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    Does this poster even read the nonsense cut and paste descriptions he frequently posts? (edited)
    So what is nonsense exactly?
    Sorry wasn't wearing my spec
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    Carwow is cheaper nearly all the time49206070-mdc84.jpg
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    Estate as in Council rather than body shape.
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    Estate? They made a Yaris SUV ahahahahaahahahahav
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    Had the manual cheap hire car version of this, nearly laughed when I'd booked a golf sized car. To be fair the boot was big and that was the big thing for the hire car. It drove well, but the interior was cheap I presume like a regular yaris.
    Didn’t know Toyota made a manual Yaris cross, I thought the only manual they made is in the Aygo (edited)
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    Just my 2 cents, but if you are after a cheap do it all car. Go for the kia ceed that was posted on here a few weeks ago. I've had two of these recently as hire cars, been impressed generally on both occasions. £18k, 120bhp, 7 year warranty, good boot, good build quality and actually a half decent looking car. (edited)
    Interesting to hear that. I rented a Kia Ceed manual and every time I pulled up at a junction the engine would stop and refuse to start again unless I turned the key all the way off and then all then started the engine again. The only solution was to hold on the clutch and not touch the foot brake. Not sure if it was faulty or poor design as the auto ProCeed I borrowed worked perfectly.
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    49196905-TbmOc.jpgThis is the Yaris I'd have...
    Nearly bought one too but couldn’t justify having 5 cars. Kicking myself and would’ve been free motoring for 2 years, free petrol and zero depreciation. Car at £33k on 0% finance, sell for minimum £35k after 2 years, likely more.
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    Good deal, people unless you are a BMW person you have to add heat to this
    BMW are the complete opposite to Toyota, bottom of the table reliability & build quality, 1/2 or worse MPG, expensive maintenance & servicing costs

    All they care about is the German badge and how fast they can aggressively under/overtake and cut in and swerve dangerously between traffic as their ego can't take being behind other cars
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    Might get this
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    0.8kwh battery ? mrs' £3000 2009 2nd gen prius is 8.8 kw
    Erm I don't think so, 8.8kwh means a plug in hybrid with a 20miles range or so on electric only. They don't do plug in on the Prius at that time. The latest Prius only have 4.4kwh.
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    Nearly 23 grand for this.The world has gone mad.Come on give yourselves a knock.
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    What a monstrosity!
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    Wow it does a whole MPG.
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    OP will put Autotrader out of business with the car deals
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    Engine Torque (lb ft) 89
    irrelevant as the EV motor adds to it - it feels like around 250nm I would say
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    Picture is for excel or onward with hi-tone, not for icon.
    It's Nationwide cars, description and photo 100% inaccurate but probably purposely misleading
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    How does this compare with chr , intern of space and performance
    Go test drive, it will a turd less powerful but should be more practical. Though chr should be more available on the 2nd hand market
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    Not interested, the full name of the car is too short.
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    What’s happened to the chip shortage? Lots of cars instock and discounted these days.
    Manufacturers are starting to catch up with some models on the chip front. However, higher APR on PCP deals is chasing buyers away, used cars are mental money so buyers are just not biting at the mo'.
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    Brakes, battery, door handles, lightbulbs and wheels are premium extras so definitely not interested (edited)
    How did all them items break ?