New ultimate snack range £1/ £2 @ Iceland

New ultimate snack range £1/ £2 @ Iceland

Found 12th Apr 2011
Ultimate snacks
Whether you just want a quick hunger fix or just want to avoid the queues at lunch, our new snacking range is just what you're looking for!

185g Meatball Panini - With tomato relish and grated Mozzarella cheese
165g Tuna Melt Panini - With cheese, red onion and mayonnaise.
156g Sausage & Egg Muffin - Cooked sausage meat and an egg omelette served in a white breakfast muffin.
Cheesy Beans Jacket Potato
Cheesy Jacket Potato

2 Bacon Muffins - With sachets of tomato sauce.
2 Beef Burgers - With Emmental cheese & bacon.
2 Doner Kebabs - With sachets of hot & spicy sauce.
265g Big Breakfast Baguette - With baked beans, sausage & bacon.
215g Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Bagette
2 Chicken Fillet Burgers - With sachets of mayonnaise.
215g Steak & Onion Baguette - With a sachet of mustard mayonnaise.
210g Cajun Chicken Baguette - With peppers & sour cream & chive.

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