*NEW* Walkers Crinkles 6X28g £1 @ Tesco & Asda & Morrisons

*NEW* Walkers Crinkles 6X28g £1 @ Tesco & Asda & Morrisons

Found 6th Apr 2011Made hot 7th Apr 2011
NEW & only £1
Normal price £1.59

Walkers Crinkles Salt And Malt Vinegar 6X28g
Walkers Crinkles Cheddar And Onion 6 Pack 28G
Walkers Crinkles Sea Salted 6X28g
Walkers Crinkles Variety 6X28g (2x Cheddar & Onion, 2x Salt & Malt Vinegar, 2x Simply Sea Salted)

Also at Asda (thanks to vadis)


£1 at asda too

got these at Tesco for £1 and I have to say they are very nice.

it is better than the normal walkers crips. i much prefer the crinkles one

Tried them, didn't like them.I'll stick to Seabrooks much better !

Yep, Seabrooks are £1 for a 6 pack in ASDA right now. Their 6 packs contain full sized bags!

Original Poster

TBH, I prefer these to Seabrooks!

Just got some at tesco

They better not abandon walkers MAX for these limp looking things

There not making these instead of max they make them both i should know ive packed enough of them lol im sick of seeing these crisps

Picked some up, hope they are as good as american Ruffles, damn they are addictive

I was going to add a new post, six packs for 60p (eventually). I notice that the S&V flavour carries a 40p coupon (maybe other flavours, but not my Tesco). Assuming you buy a shed load of S&V and de-sleeve them, you can the trade your coupon against the £1 pack... nice
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