New Xbox 360 250gb £174 with discount code @ Very

New Xbox 360 250gb £174 with discount code @ Very

Found 12th Jul 2010
Best price I have seen for the new xbox 360 250gb.

£199 but £25 off first order when you register making it £174.


Enter code ZZ388 for £25 Off Your First Order.

Not only that, as it is a online catalogue style retailer you don't get invoiced for 28 days, then you have another 21 days to pay all interest free!! Or you can just pay by card at the time of ordering.....

This is my first post, apologies if this has been posted before........


shop direct group and voucher codes will always go cold im afraid

why exactly? surely its still a hot deal?

Ice cold


why exactly? surely its still a hot deal?

Because they never actually get honoured.

Thanks alot mate, Ive used these very codes before and always worked perfect

I have a legit code, which they posted to me. Nice one!!

Lets not start a war of the codes never get honoured!!
If you ARE eligible to use the code, OR if you use Very codes all the time with no problems, then vote on the deal.
Dont just destroy the OP's deal following others comments that Very codes dont work!!

Last year, with some trepidation, I used a 10% code to buy a Panasonic plasma telly from Very. The code was honoured and I got Quidco too. With the cash-back the telly was £620 which was an absolute bargain given that the model was selling for £1k at other stores.

AIUI Very got their knuckles rapped by trading standards for clawing back voucher discounts from peoples accounts at a later date. As long as you are eligible to use the code then I think you will be fine.

what's the minimum spend for this code?

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minimum spend is £60.
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