NEW Xbox 360 4GB + Van Halen Guitar Hero and Guitar Controller + Assassin's Creed only £152.98 delivered @ ToysRus + Nectar/ Quidco
NEW Xbox 360 4GB + Van Halen Guitar Hero and Guitar Controller + Assassin's Creed only £152.98 delivered @ ToysRus + Nectar/ Quidco

NEW Xbox 360 4GB + Van Halen Guitar Hero and Guitar Controller + Assassin's Creed only £152.98 delivered @ ToysRus + Nectar/ Quidco

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Add Assassin's Creed to get all this for £152.98 delivered: toysrus.co.uk/Toy…%29


This great pack features the new Xbox 360 console, Guitar Hero Van Halen software plus Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Controller.

Xbox 360 4GB: The new Xbox 360 console is an incredible package in an all new look in sleek matte black that includes a 4GB hard drive, and matching black wireless controller.

The internal, removable 4 GB hard drive offers plenty of space to save games, music, pictures, game add-ons, demos and other content available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

* Built in wi-fi for easy connection to xbox live
* Storage for games, movies and music with 4GB Hard Drive
* Sleek new design
* Kinect ready - ready for the controller free fun of Kinect

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Van Halen: Guitar Hero Van Halen brings to life the flamboyance, virtuosity and unadulterated fun that has made Van Halen one of the most successful and popular rock and roll acts of the past 30 years. Along with 19 larger than life musical artists, including Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer, The Offspring, Blink-182 and Queen, guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, famous frontman David Lee Roth, dynamic drummer Alex Van Halen and skilled songwriter and bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, give fans the chance to own the stage and put on show-stopping performances in the coolest, all-new venues from around the world.

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Controller: Official Wireless Guitar Hero World Tour Controller for use with Xbox 360 Guitar Hero games. Go head-to-head or play co-op with a friend. The World Tour wireless guitar controller features a more responsive dual colour fret buttons, an elongated strum bar, improved battery life with a built in auto-sleep mode and touch sensitive slide bar making it easier to knockout some insane riffs.

* Xbox 360 Console
* Black Wireless controller
* 4 GB hard drive
* Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Van Halen software
* Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Controller


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Assassin's Creed: toysrus.co.uk/Toy…%29

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The xbox package (without assassins creed) is £139.99 (good price btw), however there is no added discount by purchasing the extra game, its just standard price?

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I think the benefit of this deal is that it qualifies for free delivery meaning you can get the new console, VH Guitar Hero + Guitar and a game £152.98. I think it's an attractive bundle in comparison to the forthcoming Tesco deal which is £130 for console only.

EDIT: I forgot to say that this bundle might be more attractive to games console newbs like myself as I've no console or games and this would get me going.

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3% cashback http://www.quidco.com/toys-r-us/

Thanks, I've amended the OP.

EDIT: I just noticed that you posted the Tesco Xbox deal. It's extremely good-spirited of you to make positive contributions to another Xbox deal. I'd rep you if I could, but as I can't, I'll say with admiration, thank you!
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I think you have to go through nectar.com to receive the nectar points too

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If a PS3 were £150, I'd go for that, but this deal seems to give good bang for buck. I'm gonna check my bank statement and see how it looks.

4gb's built-in & 2 x 16gb flash memory sticks are a nice alternative to the 250gb hard drive.
You can use as many flash memory sticks up to 16gbs in size (and now 16gb sticks are down to £14 a go it's getting reasonably economic).

What about good bundles for the full 360?

good pric

Won't be a buyer but hot deal anyways.

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I'd actually started looking at PS3 deals because of their Blu Ray functionality, only to discover that their 2 USB ports are on the front! If I had a PS Eye and Freeview, they'd need to be connected at the front with their cables showing; that's just fugly! I'm now reconsidering an Xbox deal.


5 USBs is a useful addition to the Xbox.
You'll also find (if you give it a try) that the HD film streaming function is surprisingly good.
1080p .wmvs off of a hard drive or PC can be as good quality as anything out there
(excepting the best lossless HD audio - which few even have the audio set-up to get properly anyways).

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HD film streaming? From what source? I've never had an Xbox so don't know anything about it.

You have a few options on XBL, there's a Sky player (if you already subscribe to Sky for your TV it's not really worth it - in my opinion - but if you don't it might be) and besides Sky they have a stack of films they will rent you.
You may find it very convenient.

(the .wmv high definition encodes can also be of unlimited size if you format your USB connected hard drive to HFS+, you don't have to mess around splitting the files up to comply with the FAT32 4gb file size limit)

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I just bought 4GB Xbox from Tesco for £112.50!

I used the £5 Sun Newspaper voucher, a £9 off £60 spend voucher and had my £3.50 CC points voucher: I think they would have charged me with theft if I got it any cheaper!

Result Windhoek.
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