New Xbox & Ps2 Steering Wheel + pedal set £0.98 only @ GameStation
New Xbox & Ps2 Steering Wheel + pedal set £0.98 only @ GameStation

New Xbox & Ps2 Steering Wheel + pedal set £0.98 only @ GameStation

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Found at Gamestation Lewisham this Logic 3 TopDrive GT4 - wheel and pedals set for Xbox & Ps2 for less than 1£! I think that it can be used on ps3 with the ps2/ps3 adapter from DX posted last days (I'll try asap). Only one left on the pay desk, maybe other in stock.
It's my first post (sorry for the mistakes, i'm french!)


This is Logic 3 PS2/Xbox racing game steering wheel and pedal set. Logic 3 as a brand are well established in ythe gaming world. They appear to be the best for range of products and build quality. this product is no exempt. .

Once i got it home i got it out the box , i didn't really use the manual seem quite small and simple once you get the right language. Soon got it turned simply unplugged my existing wheel, screwed the pedals cable in the steering wheel and fired up Toca Race 2 for PS2(also works with Xbox and PS1). The wheel is managable even for my big hands and the gear shifter is the best once set up properly. Havent come off it much even went back to the store two days later and bought a second for two-player. .

I Bought my wheel a week ago it was half price (£14.99) at my local Somerfields. I think the RRP is £40 through?? so i guess i got a great deal. Making the racing even cheaper fun.

Normally low price means low quality but not in this case . The racing red and balck colours look wicked and it has the excellent build quality you would expect from this brand. But there are no clamps supplied to attach to table and the rubber pads underneath don't stick well on polished coffee table but some double-sided tape soon fixed that. The steering is unusually light compared to other PS2 wheels but I soon got used to it. The pedals are also very close together not good with slippers or shoes so bare foot only im afraid to say.

I realise that i got a great deal but this is a quality wheel so i really suggest it to anyone who wants to take there racing games to the next level. I guaruntee you wouldn't want to go back to the usual controllers for some time.


5 posts, I thought you had found 5 in the basket and listed each offer on here. :-)

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Sorry for the duplicate content, got several timeout gateway , i thought that the post wasn't online

no worries I guessed that but there is no need to apologise because you are French.

Which shop was it???

Fourth word, Lewisham

Would imagine this to be quite a challenge to find but if possible would be great especially if compatible with the PS3 via converter cable - have yet to open NFS: Shift as well, here's to hoping that more info on whether it can be used on the PS3 will come to light soon.


None in my local store. I would imagine very store specific.

hey, I got a wheel in this store for 3.98 some weeks back - a new five in one (PC, PS3/2, Wii, GC) ferrari thing with pedals. Put it on here and got some heat before it was mysteriously expired.

Seems like the gamestation store to go to for bargains!
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