Posted 9 March 2023

New Xiaomi Redmi Band 2 Blood Oxygen 1.47''Chinese Version Smartwatch - £20.30 Delivered @ Hongkong willwin Store / Aliexpress

£20.30£34.9942% off
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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
Price includes custom fees etc.

  • Bluetooth-compatible Version 5.1
  • Global positioning NONE
  • Metrics measured
  • Other,Stress Monitor,Heart Rate Monitor,Blood Oxygen Monitor,Sleep Monitor
  • Activity Tracked
  • Activity Tracker,Steps Tracker,Distance Tracker

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  1. shalton's avatar
    I ordered the miband 6 from Ali Express last year. It didn't turn up. I reported it to them and they made a promise that they would sort one out and if not refund me. Still didn't turn up. They kept saying it had been delivered, obviously it hadn't. They wanted proof that I hadn't received it - how I was supposed to do that? They then said royal mail had to say it wasn't delivered. Royal mail said the International agreement was for them to contact royal mail.
    Even longer story cut short (and lots of Ali Express promises) - no refund.
    I don't buy anything from Ali Express anymore.
    If you are going to purchase from them, even though most things will be received, be ready to accept loosing your money the odd time. (edited)
    kos1c's avatar
    Go through your bank. I only pay via PayPal on site like these (for buyer protection) as getting them to refund can be A nightmare (edited)
  2. Tony-C's avatar
    Global version £21.19
  3. bestec2's avatar
    Getting message: This product can't be shipped to the selected country.
  4. hemant123's avatar
    Never from AliExpress - Big NO
    tiree's avatar
    I buy lots of stuff from there , only ever had one problem and that was an item never shipped. AliExpress (not seller) refunded me my money automatically without any problem, oh and ALWAYS pay by PayPal.
  5. LesD's avatar
    "Price includes custom fees etc."

    It may include customs fees, but it doesn't include VAT! Total cost £24.37.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    49729949-w7zXQ.jpg Tax is included
  6. maxeyt's avatar
    £20.30 for me, thanks
  7. deal.wizard's avatar
    Does this have Alexa? I can't tell
  8. Oli6357's avatar
    Price excludes Vat. Very misleading
    MrSwitch's avatar
    It says tax £3.38, £20.30 final price?
  9. LesD's avatar
    Where am I going wrong then....


    tiree's avatar
    Did you try the store coupon.
  10. kain_white's avatar
    Does the CN version come with a charging cable in the box or not ??
  11. Boulettes's avatar
    What's the difference between global and Chinese? (edited)
    tiree's avatar
    Global requires Tax be paid possibly.
  12. BenBal's avatar
    There is a discrepancy between the app price and the browser price. I got this £20 tag from the browser, so I suggest anyone who faces the same issue, use the browser. Cheers.
  13. RoosterNo1's avatar
    This place is a lottery.... gamble if you can afford to loose, I've had endless hassle over goods not arriving, or better still, they send a totally different piece of junk - then they have proof of delivery
  14. coldo's avatar
    £26.42 now for the global black version excluding tax
  15. Actionnotwords69's avatar
    What is notification functionality on this device like? Does it display SMS/WhatsApp messages in full or does it just notify there is a message to view on the phone?
  16. BigStart's avatar
    TfT display good one lol
  17. ryan_osullivan's avatar
    To thick
    Buzroastbeef's avatar
    ... Or not to thick, that is the question 💀
  18. Grant_C's avatar
    Does this record 6k
  19. JoeKing5321's avatar
    Awaiting Mi Band 8…
  20. RealDonaldTrump's avatar
    How does call and text notifications work on this please
  21. stedoc1's avatar
    Great price unfortunately this will not give you accurate readings, some times its best to have no information than the wrong information.
  22. Proveright's avatar
    I used to buy a lot from Aliexpress, and their complaint system always refunded me, except for one occasion.
    The trouble is if you order lots of stuff you dont know which delivery is which and where it came from. Before Brexit the Post Office left me a note they wanted to charge on top, but not what the item was or who from. I paid thinking it was a phone I had ordered, but it turned out it was a microphone I too had ordered and the Post Office charge on top was half the price of the mike!

    I recently looked at solar panels for Eufy and thought that was a good price, but when I went through Ali express check out it automatically added the tax on top. I then checked out EBay deals, which also appeared to come from China, and EBay was cheaper and Royal Mail delivered no problem.
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