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Posted 4 September 2023

New Year Barbados Flights 29 Dec to 11th Jan PP via Norse Airways

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Norse has a few cheap flights to Barbados over New Year for a juicy £317.

Not sure what the weather is like in December but I'm guessing it's better than here.

Example flight is 29th Dec - 11th Jan

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  1. Boringgit's avatar
    Norse published these Carribbean routes and have been cutting them ever since. Good price if it works out but please please book insurance at the same time or before you book the flight in case they cancel and you are left with accommodation bills.

    I can't be bothered to post a link because my posts keep being moderated out of existence but look on head for points if you want more info on the declining itinerary...
    _taurus_'s avatar
    Could you advise us to what kind of insurance are you referring to? As attached?

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  2. Rambot's avatar
    How much is decent accommodation out there?
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    It’ll be expensive over new year and January, we’ve been a few times in mid December and once in early January , prices are about 20% higher from 24th dec throughout January ..
    Make sure you book accomodation at the same time as the flight
    Ps. Inflation is extremely high, prices in many shops restaurant bars are now expensive , (edited)
  3. hab92's avatar
    From what I've seen, December is the start of the dry season, so is a good time to go.
  4. Aerialist's avatar
    Excellent time of year for Barbados, heat!
  5. J400uk's avatar
    Yeah it’s a great time to go, I’ve been a couple of times around Christmas and it’s fabulous sunny weather
  6. F1ona's avatar
    We’re supposed to start flying every day in November, all flights cancelled until December. now 2 flights a week cancelled in December. It’s peak travel for Barbados it’s Christmas and new year so prices should be high. Seems to good to be true to me.
  7. toptom007's avatar
    CoLd mOrE ExPeNsIvE tHaN CaRlInGs pRoMo
  8. badpenny2102's avatar
    Average of between 20-30 degrees which is ideal for those of us who are pasty as a frozen steak bake
  9. _taurus_'s avatar
    Thanks, OP, I was looking for a December/January holiday like that! Booked from 30Dec to 10Jan 2024 for 316 plus studio for 550 in Christ Church area 300 meters from sea site 😁
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  11. ahotukdeal's avatar
    Very norse!
  12. jaffamuffin's avatar
    What kind of plane is this
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