New York Bagels 70P at Asda
New York Bagels 70P at Asda

New York Bagels 70P at Asda

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Just been into Asda to pickup a few bits on my way home and found New York Bagels on rollback offer at 70p, all different varieties...

AUTHENTIC STONEBAKED. LOW IN FAT. TASTES BETTER TOASTED. We use the finest quality ingredients and authentic method of simmering the dough in boiling water to make our bagels. This seals in the flavour and creates a unique texture and shiny crust. We then stonebake our bagels for a crisp golden finish. So for an authentic taste of New York life. Try a New York Bagel.


These wth nutella = Yummy


These wth nutella = Yummy

hmm never tried that, its always with cream cheese for me.

Genuine New York Bagels baked in Yorkshire.
Great price for great bagels. I think they are
best with Beluga caviar but on most days
(Everyday in fact) I have them with cream cheese.
Voteds hot.

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I like mine with grated mature cheese and sweet chilli sauce (none of that ready grated stuff though), or smoked salmon and cream cheese..

Oi vey! My life my wallet.

I love these! voted hot!

Toasted with ham and cheese, unbelievable.

Just realised, milk and meat in a bagel is sacrilege....apologies


I will mention the place where they bake and sell the best Bagels in the world -

Brick lane, East London.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese, cracked black pepper and lemon juice too!
But guys seriously try the nutella, its ace!
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I voted hot, because bagels are expensive, but these are really not good bagels. I can pretty much guarantee you they have only been baked and not boiled and then baked, as they should be. Pretty bready, to be honest.

Nutella,thick Greek yogurt,and fresh strawberrys yum,also strawberry jam,bacon,and brown sauce,my personal fave.Voted hot


Just realised, milk and meat in a bagel is sacrilege....apologies

I thought it just wasn't kosher

Plus, you can download a 25p manufacturer's coupon from beforeishop.co.uk/

I can't link directly to it due to the way their site works. Click the "Just let me in" button. I'm sure you'll manage from there

Funnily enough, religious connotations aside, I don't think I ever ate a single bagel when I was living/working in Israel...

Possibly because bagels are an Ashkenazi (i.e. Eastern European Jewish) food and therefore less popular than more Middle Eastern foods might be...?
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