New Zealand Story Revolution (nintendo ds) only £4.99 delivered
New Zealand Story Revolution (nintendo ds) only £4.99 delivered

New Zealand Story Revolution (nintendo ds) only £4.99 delivered

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Help! All of Tiki's friends have been kidnapped by an evil leopard seal and hidden all over New Zealand. Trapped in cages across the two islands, can you help Tiki defeat the leopard seal and his big boss friends and put paid to their evil plan for ever?

Touchscreen-based mini-games! Single. Multiplayer. Normal and Expert Modes!

New Zealand Story Revolution recreates the look and feel
of the classic 1988 8-bit game on a 21st century handheld.
Whilst simply enhancing the original's gameplay, New
Zealand Story Revolution gives the player an old classic
on a new platform without compromising the game's original
appeal and eccentricity.

Hope this helps someone.


gd price 4 a ds game

Original Poster


gd price 4 a ds game

thanks. :thumbsup:

ur welcome

Excellent, thanks! Ordered for my sons birthday!

nice one - really loved this game from years ago - will pass it off as a gift for my daughter!!!:whistling:


product not found!

blimey that went quick - I only ordered 5 min ago and there was 100 in stock!

got a confirmation email - so all looks ok.

Hmm - I wonder whether 100 was a marketing ploy

quite a few games fairly cheap, shame the ones i would like are out of stock
diner dash and cooking mama 2 are great prices :roll:

Awww. Was looking forward to adding this to my collection.

Retro Gamer gave it a bit of a slating, but for less than a fiver it would have been nice to have got this.

I'll have to be quicker on the mouse button next time.

I just tried to buy two other cheap games from this site (they were marked as being in stock), and two minutes later had them removed from my basket as "out-of-stock". I suggest that these low priced items and the posting for the NZ Story have increased their visitors by ten-fold and then they have removed the cheapest items...

I bought this game a while back; it wasn't worth a 5er then and certainly not worth it now. Save yr dosh and put towards a better game.

The original New Zealand Story arcade game was great, maybe this is not the same game as that though because of the bad reviews, or maybe I just remember it being good & gamers nowadays expect more.
This was one of the many arcade games from that late 80's era I could complete on 10p :thumbsup:
Oh my wasted youth :whistling:

Cheap at half the price

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Wow, just came back to check on this and it has disappeared from Gamestation's website. Not even a search brings it up (thought maybe the link had broken). Sorry folks - don't know what's happened to it, but glad to hear some people got in before it went.

It would be so interesting to find out how many lurkers there are - those who use this site for all the best deals but have not registered.

Pants Game!! Not worth it in my opinion

Not worth the money.

Fantastic game a true arcade classic

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Showing as back in stock again. :thumbsup:
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