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Tutis 4 Channel + 4 Camera H.264 DVR Security System Special Offer Price: £139.99 from
Found 18th Oct 2013Found 18th Oct 2013
Tutis 4 Channel + 4 Camera H.264 DVR Security System Special Offer Price: £139.99 from
£139.99UKDVDR Deals
Not a bad price for a CCTV system with 4 Sony cameras . The H.264 DVR SYSTEM is a competitively priced, fully functional security system able to cater for all your security needs.… Read more

Yes very easily. Obviously not at night however as the IR just shows number plates as a reflection!


For those that have used this system, would they be able to clearly read a numberplate from 6/7 metres away? I need a basic and cheap system and this is the only one I have come across on a number of occasions! Thanks


Waterproof of course ;)


I n all honesty, yes and no. It all depends on what you from a CCTV system. If just for door entry + something to tell you someone was snooping around or takes something, then they may be fine. You can identify people from this set up, they would need to be quite close though, about 5 metres. But as said, you still need to buy a hard drive in order to record. Yes this is hot deal site, but when it comes to CCTV, it is better to spend more on the initial setup. Main thing to buy in the beginning is the DVR, full HD is best, then 960H or D1.


I dont think thats totally true . I would have said the 420tvl CMOS cameras would be the very basic low end cameras , these are Sony Super HAD CCD ,so you may be suprised to see the quality a little better .

Blackberry Playbook 64GB Refurb with Free Case, Rapid Charger & delivery £75.99 @ ukdvdr
Found 28th Sep 2013Found 28th Sep 2013
Blackberry Playbook 64GB Refurb with Free Case, Rapid Charger & delivery £75.99 @ ukdvdr
It's all in the title, best deal I've seen for a while! Enjoy! Performance Processor OMAP™ 4 Platform (OMAP4430): ARM Cortex A9 processor - 1 GHz - Dual-core - Symmetric mult… Read more
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Back in Stock ...


Price is probably about right now. If it does everything you want (or will ever want) its a nice piece of hardware. Have one and use it daily, mostly as a radio as the speakers are the best I've heard on a tablet. The flash support in the browser is nice (for now), as is HTML5. As a media player (Kalemsoft is a must for a fiver) its great, just don't expect any significant future support. Even if it wasn't a dead duck it is now a very old tablet. Fine for the price if you know what you are buying....not worth any more in my opinion.


If only they would release Netflix for this. Hardware wise this is excellent, but it has no future. It will handle your e-mail and web fun so covers the basics well. There are quite a few apps on app world, but nowhere near as many free apps as Android. I've now abandoned my Playbook as still bitter about the BB10 uturn. It is a good tablet but it's time has been and gone so can't be recommended. Save your money and get an Android tablet.


me and the Mrs have one each. great little machines. if you only want basic browsing; email; great video and music player with large storage and robust build then it's for you. if you want loads of apps then it isn't. use ours mainly for video calls as I work away a fair bit. thus is a great price.


tried to play netflix movies on tablet but its not supported do you have any ideas on this ? thx

Toshiba AT200 16GB - refurb £119.99 @ UKDVDR
Found 15th Jul 2013Found 15th Jul 2013
Toshiba AT200 16GB - refurb £119.99 @ UKDVDR
£119.99UKDVDR Deals
Toshiba AT200-101 Product specification Android 3.2 Processor ARM dual-core CORTEX A9 OMAP 4430 @ 1.2GHz Toshiba TruBrite WXGA Multi-Touch TFT Wide Viewing Angle High Brightness d… Read more
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Thanks for that. I will try it and revert back to you in ur orignal thread. :) Thanks again.


In spite of you being a Fulham fan (BOO!!) I will help you. I used the thread below to root, and it was really easy. Download the file, and follow the instructions. Make sure your tablet is in USB debugging mode, which is in settings/development. Connect the tablet to your computer and run the root.bat file. Your tablet will do some stuff behind the scenes, and reboot 3 times in total. Make sure you allow it to fully reboot to the home screen each time - don't "press any key to continue" until the tablet is fully booted each time. I unlocked the screen after each reboot to be safe, but I don't know if that was essential. Don't touch the tablet during the rooting process, apart from unlocking the screen, as explained above. I haven't removed the bloatware yet, but you can do that using a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer. This is available free of charge from Google Play. Other than rooting it, I haven't done anything with it, such as installing a custom rom, etc - mainly due to not having had time to research this stuff yet. Can we take the rest of this chat over to my original thread on the Lenovo, so we don't clog up this thread with irrelevant information?


Borofan47 , Im new to android, did u follow a specific guide to rooting it? there is alot of info out there (XDA forum) so not sure which guide to follow. Any hints/tips? did u remove the bloat ware? what other benefits do u get from rooting it? Any info when you get time for this fulham fan :) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the heat RB1978. I have rooted mine, which was quite easy to do, but that is all the modification I have done to it. My only bugbear with it is the dictionary bug, where it challenges almost every word I type. I can disable the spell checker of course, but I would prefer the dictionary to work, and only challenge incorrect words, acronyms, etc.


I have also got myself one, and totally agree with your comments for £120 you are getting a lot for the money. I have installed Go Launcher Ex and disabled the stock launcher this has made the inerface 100% more smooth. There is also a way to root the device and allow it to make and receive phone calls. I have not done that as yet. Left you some heat.

Refurbished BlackBerry Playbook 64GB P100-64WF with Rapid Charger - Special Offer Price: £79.99  Was: £84.99 at UKDVDR - 6 month warranty
Found 1st Jul 2013Found 1st Jul 2013
Refurbished BlackBerry Playbook 64GB P100-64WF with Rapid Charger - Special Offer Price: £79.99 Was: £84.99 at UKDVDR - 6 month warranty
This was recently posted at a price of £90.88 here: now it's even … Read more
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I got 1 of these for £120 (Curry's). I bought a 'remote desktop' app. for £5. It gets into my office system easily. Through that, I have full access to all of the MS Office suite; my work diary; work e-mails; private e-mails; and the Blackberry Bridge software to my BB phone is fantastic. The PB has an HD screen; the stereo speakers are of amazing quality for the price. I have listened to opera via You Tube, and not been disappointed. There is video phoning to other PBs, which is easy to operate [and the calls are free]. The build quality is superb. This machine does everything I could realistically want, and there are enough apps for real-world use. Anyone who pans it, hasn't tried it. It cost a quarter of the equivalent [64G] i-pad. The i-pad is good - but why pay 400% more than you need to! The absence of BB10 is neither here nor there; provided they support the existing software.


I don't think you would buy this for the apps. Personally I have an iPad and have had a Nexus 7 - they are the type of tablets you would buy for that. I have used the Blackberry and for a way to consumer media and browse the net it's a great little device. As people mention above it is well built, good speakers and decent battery life. Ideal tablet to give to the kids!


The lack of apps is exactly the reason the playbook needed os10. That's the OS most BB developers will be writing apps for.


wee and poo :P


Great for video playback with the bes sound I've heard on tablet, also browsing and email to good processor and heat memory for price hot

Lenovo Quad Core Tablet - 9" £139.99 @ UK dvdr
Found 1st Jul 2013Found 1st Jul 2013
Lenovo Quad Core Tablet - 9" £139.99 @ UK dvdr
£139.99UKDVDR Deals
Comfortable for Reading and Web Surfing At a 11.7mm thin and only weighing 570g the IdeaTab A2109 is a perfect size for reading, web-surfing or watching a movie. Apps, Games or Pr… Read more
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wish i was! its better than an OK deal, which is proven by the many people on here who have purchased this item...


Are you on commission? It's an OK deal, but your over-the-top praise for it while ignoring its faults makes me wonder.


seems to be plenty of nay sayers on here, however for the cost this is a cracking deal for the spec, no two ways about it


you can get a 9" quad core for less, with the Lenovo build quality? Unless you on about one of those tatty cheao Chinese makes your wrong, just sayin...


Sounds ok but you can get better for less, so it's not unbeatable value. Oh, I've just seen what the screen on the Lenovo is like in a youtube video review and the viewing angles are horrendous compared to the Playtab's IPS screen.

Archos A80 G9 8GB Android 8 Inch tablet refurb, £59.99 (+P&P) @ UKDVDR
Found 26th Jun 2013Found 26th Jun 2013
Archos A80 G9 8GB Android 8 Inch tablet refurb, £59.99 (+P&P) @ UKDVDR
Lightning Fast Tablet: Features a fast multi-core processor running 1.5GHz Google Certified: Features Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' with Google's suite of Android Applications F… Read more

all gone SVP may have some?


Not that stupid as these do fail regularly. The screens develop ripple marks and come loose. They also stop working time after time. The failure rate is disproportionate to the number that keep working.


I was considering this about a year and a half ago, I was pretty much set to buy this or the 10 inch version of it. I walked into Currys and they had it on display, next to the Asus Transformer 101. Now I know it's not fair to compair them, especially considering the price, but the thing that got me was the screen. Next to the Asus tablet, the archos screen was so dull, even at full brightness. The contrast, brightness and responsiveness of the Asus made me go for it that day. In the months after that I started seeing the huge number of complaints about Archos, and yes I know that people who are happy tend not to post about their good experience, but it's the consistency of the complaints is what got me. Screens failing, sockets failing etc that shows there is just a poor manufacturing process on these. There was just a lot of people with the same problem. for £59.99 you could do a lot worse though, and they do have that nifty 3G add in should you decide afterwards that you want 3G.


Had Archos tablets since the were called media devices. My latest has a 250gb HDD and it totally rocks. It is true customer service is non existent. Maybe I've been lucky. The only bad thing in the past was Archo's gouging for extras that should be included, like video codecs. With the app store that problem has gone. For my experience a decent tablet at a fair price. Heat added.


Bought one of there when they were on sale at HMV, had it for 2 days and took it back. Terrible machine, really glichy, just horrible.

Blackberry Playbook 64GB with fast charger (Refurb) - £90.88 @ UKDVDR delivered
Found 20th Jun 2013Found 20th Jun 2013
Blackberry Playbook 64GB with fast charger (Refurb) - £90.88 @ UKDVDR delivered
I do not know much about tablets to be honest. This one is not new or quad core, but some people say it is still a good tablet. I think you can put android on it as an OS, but more… Read more

Yes you can sync google contacts (via carddav) and google calendar (via caldav) - in fact, by default, if you setup your mailbox as a gmail account, it will automatically configure them. And looking at the config, you can setup facebook in terms of contacts and accounts, too - and it looks like it will integrate them within things like calendar (for reminders) and contacts. Not really a facebook user, personally, so I don't have that configured - but I do have google contacts and calendar configured.


Anyone know if it will access your google address book and download/sync the contacts (with Fb too?)


Nice to see a troll in full flow...... You forgot to mention the commitment to continued support for the existing Playbook OS.


All the fanboi sheep wringing their hands in despair.


good sense of humour you have there oO

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 7 £119.99 @ UKDVDR
Found 15th Apr 2013Found 15th Apr 2013
Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 7 £119.99 @ UKDVDR
£119.99UKDVDR Deals
Refurbished 6 month warranty but says good screens and Free postage. Wifi version so not too bad a price. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

its the 7 inch model btw


First posting so hope it worked


wifi is fine just tether off your mobile data usage or use wifi hot spot


I meant to say that it's not the 3G version


"Wifi version so not too bad a price" - Oh, is WiFi a unique feature to tablets?

Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 Laptop Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz 2GB DDR2 GRADE A £129.99 delivered @ UKDVDR
Found 28th Mar 2013Found 28th Mar 2013
Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 Laptop Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz 2GB DDR2 GRADE A £129.99 delivered @ UKDVDR
£129.99UKDVDR Deals
- Affordability, Durability, Mobility and Power - Geared towards business and home users - Restore DVD included ********************************************************************… Read more
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Thank you for the helpful comments.


"Sorry! Sold Out"


Laptops sometimes come with a trial or starter versions of Microsoft Office, but there is no indication that this one does (- trial versions generally expire after a short period anyway as they're meant for test purposes and to encourage you to splash out on the full version). There are free office suites available that you can download such as Libre or Open Office and which offer compatibility with Microsoft Word files (although the converted layouts can sometimes fail in more complex documents). A restore DVD gives the ability to return the laptop to the out of box factory delivered state if for example the hard drive fails, or you get particularly bad corruption through the introduction of a Virus to your system (- some viruses can be particularly difficult to disentangle from a system making resetting everything back up again the easiest option). This is a pretty old model (released originally in 2006) which is probably while it's being priced so cheaply - unless the portability is particularly important, I would suggest going for a laptop with a larger 15" display. It additionally allows more room for the keyboard, so these models don't tend to feel quite so cramped. Robert


No, Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel) don't come with it. The restore disc is for you to re-install Windows 7 if you need to e.g. after a hard drive failure.


Does this look ready to use - no extra programmes required or needed to be installed (would Microsoft Word come as standard)? Can somebody please explain what the restore DVD is for, sorry not really up on these things and am looking for a laptop for my 15 year old son to use mainly for homework. Any advice appreciated.

Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB Internal HDD ST1500DL003 £53.99 free delivery
Found 12th Feb 2013Found 12th Feb 2013
Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB Internal HDD ST1500DL003 £53.99 free delivery
- A unique 5900-RPM platform delivers the fastest performance of any eco friendly drive available. - Seagate SmartAlign technology provides the benefits of the new Advanced Format … Read more
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 inch GT-P7300 16GB WiFi and 3G Unlocked £261.60 @ DVDR
Found 22nd Dec 2012Found 22nd Dec 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 inch GT-P7300 16GB WiFi and 3G Unlocked £261.60 @ DVDR
£261.60UKDVDR Deals
Description - Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 gives you a better experience for work and play. - Sharper HD quality screen, better web browsing with flash, better multitasking, and even… Read more

Unfortunately no Samsung cash back on this.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" 16Gb WiFi  £229.99 @ UKDVDR
Found 29th Nov 2012Found 29th Nov 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" 16Gb WiFi £229.99 @ UKDVDR
£229.99UKDVDR Deals
Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the thinnest and lightest large screen mobile tablets available. Thinner than the iPad and supposed to be the best Android Tablet out there. I… Read more
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The one on Tescos for £138 is the 7" if you read the post properly you will see this is the 10" which is £238.


tesco do tab 2 for 138. plus you can get 2000 points. quidco and if new user 10 quid off plus the damsung 50 quid cash back.


Last years model! Cold!

The Commtiva N700 from ukdvdr is  back again -£124.99
Found 7th Oct 2011Found 7th Oct 2011
The Commtiva N700 from ukdvdr is back again -£124.99
£124.99UKDVDR Deals
There back but at an increased price, I bought one the last time for £99 plus delivery . These are very good units with the battery's lasting for days and days in standby . Someone… Read more

very slow.... i've seen angry birds on a 600Mhz device and it was a slideshow!


Low Res, 7 inches LCD multi touch screen (480x800), as above naff CPU 600Mhz, hopeless. Better off with a mobile phone.


Sloooooooow CPU


Can this be upgraded to Honeycomb? Looks brilliant for the price.


Maybe they are just saying they don't have a camera and they plan to buy one from Amazon on it? :p

FVIEW ARM800 Android 2.2 7" PC Tablet (Refurb) - £65.95 delivered @ UKDVDR
Found 29th Sep 2011Found 29th Sep 2011
FVIEW ARM800 Android 2.2 7" PC Tablet (Refurb) - £65.95 delivered @ UKDVDR
The FVIEW ARM800 Android 2.2 Tablet Computer with vibrant 7” 800 x 480 display allows you to surf the web, check emails, watch movies, play games, listen to music the list goes on … Read more

This is a terrible price for a resitive screened VIA 8650 with 800Mhz CPU. Here's the one I bought back in May this year - and sold it not long was only $72 (£45) new! 7" ePad Multi-Touch Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC Webcam Wifi 2GB 256MB 800MHz Fine for video playback and ebook reading but not enough horsepower at the end of the day to make it really worthwhile. Mine was fully upgraded with a custom ROM too.


Knew they'd go fast...Expiring :-(


expired gutted


does it have bluetooth?


Thanks...Edited Title to reflect this

Commtiva N700 Tablet £99.99 at UKDVDR
Found 20th Sep 2011Found 20th Sep 2011
Commtiva N700 Tablet £99.99 at UKDVDR
seems a decent price - seem to remember these in Tesco sometime back on offer at a higher price he sleek and compact aluminium casing puts all of your favourite must-have widgets … Read more

Yeah ,I checked last night and they were gone , must have been a good seller at this price . Mines been delivered this morning before noon , cannot wait to try it out . I already have Igo8 for Android and I'm wanting to install it . update: It's arrived ,as this is my first tablet device apart from my nokia N770 & N810 ,I have nothing to compare it with . But my first impressions are very good .It is responsive and quite quick . The map feature is good and I've just dropped an old virgin SIM card in and I've dialed out straight away .Wasn't supplied with a miniSD card, but I ordered one from play yesterday [ just as well]. Have'nt a clue how to get apps ! Do I pay or are they free .I want one for keeping business data on anda good callendar and something for schedules . Where do I go for them ?


Sorry! Sold Out


many thanks for those links elitom ,they look very interesting.


still showing as in stock for me - just added to my basket and went as far as confirm order ! EliTom


Sold out

Found 26th Jul 2011Found 26th Jul 2011
£159.99UKDVDR Deals
- A great value netbook you can't go wrong with the Samsung N130. - In fact, the only things that have been cut down are its cost and weight. - The N130 is the lightest in its clas… Read more

So did your comment.


That processor is pretty dated now, came out almost 2 years ago....


Doesn't seem like a great price for a refurbished netbook. Argos certainly do new ones for this kind of money quite often, I'd wait for one of those if it was an option. Alternatively there is the PCWorld/Dixons or Argos eBay stores for refurbs. Cold I'm afraid.


I have one of these. It's a cracking little netbook. The price is good so voted hot and thanks for the post.


I had one for abit. Played Xcom terror from the deep for 7 hours at a time. Good tech.

Seagate External Expansion Hard Drive 2TB USB 2.0 - £71.99 Delivered @ UKDVDR
Found 24th Mar 2011Found 24th Mar 2011
Seagate External Expansion Hard Drive 2TB USB 2.0 - £71.99 Delivered @ UKDVDR
SEE DIRECT LINK BELOW It’s not just easy to use, but it’s fast and energy efficient too. Built-in power management ensures energy-efficient operation. Quality and Reliability Sea… Read more

not a good driver, not a good price


CHEERS, updated price


Shipping Costs: UK Mainland £5.69

Oval Poker Table 8 Player With Chips - £99.99 @ UK DVDR
Found 4th Mar 2011Found 4th Mar 2011
Oval Poker Table 8 Player With Chips - £99.99 @ UK DVDR
Executive 8 Player Oval Folding Poker Table With Individual Cup Holders, Chips, Dice And Cards With Additional Free 8 Ball Poker SER Including 50 Additional Chips And 2 Extra Decks… Read more

no sorry angel


great thanks do you know of black jack , roulettee table going cheap ?


200 chips isn't enough for 8 players... You'd need nearer 500

Verbatim USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive 1TB @ UKDVDR - £61.99
Found 11th Feb 2011Found 11th Feb 2011
Verbatim USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive 1TB @ UKDVDR - £61.99
Sorry their is a lot of information so i am posting rather than trying to make up a simpler description as it will answer most of the questions. - The Verbatim 1TB USB 3.0 desktop… Read more

That was a 2.5 inch portable drive, this is a 3.5 inch desktop drive.


Why isn't this getting more hot?? There is a WD 1TB USB 2.0 thats gone well hot. This is USB 3.0 and cheaper oO


Looks same as this one ->


Hot for USB 3.0!!!


Your text here

Rivison DVD-R 16x White Full Face Printable 6 x 50 Pack £36.30 @ UKDVDR
Found 9th Feb 2011Found 9th Feb 2011
Rivison DVD-R 16x White Full Face Printable 6 x 50 Pack £36.30 @ UKDVDR
The Rivision Full-Face printable surface on this disc allows you to print right up to the centre hole using an inkjet disc printer such as the Epson R220 or R300.
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ahh. i thought it was an UKDVDR error lol. i emailed them about it. Although would have been awesome if they were seperate Thanks


Ah, I got an email offering me 6 for 36.30 but went to site and saw individual price, Will change post now. Thanks



It adds 6 into the basket and you cant change it